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Chinas new train line to Iran sends message to Trump Well keep trading anyway

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New freight train connections usually have limitedpotential to make global headlines, but a new service launched from China onThursday could be different. Its cargo - 1,150 tons of sunflower seeds - mayappear unremarkable, but its destination is far more interesting: Tehran, thecapital of Iran.


The launch of a new rail connection betweenBayannur, in China's Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region, and Iran was announcedby the official news agency Xinhua on Thursday. Its exact path was notdescribed in the dispatch, but travel times will apparently be shortened by atleast 20 days in comparison to cargo ship. The sunflower seeds are now expectedto arrive in Tehran in about two weeks.


While the seeds are making their steady progressacross Asia, there's a growing risk of Iran and Israel breaking into openconflict in the meantime. French President Emmanuel Macron has alreadypredicted that the U.S. decision to pull out of the Iran deal would lead towar, especially after Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif warned thathis country may restart suspended elements of its nuclear program if U.S.sanctions are imposed. Iranian rocket attacks Wednesday and subsequent Israeliretaliatory attacks early Thursday indicated how quickly the situation couldescalate.



squirrelman9 minutes agoI see the fool of a president is trying to tell therest of the world what to do. All he is doing is making the rest of the worldhate the USA, and he seems to be loving it. WTF? What is wrong with him? Whatslight did they do wrong? This president is doing unbelievable damage to thiscountry in the long run we will lose to satisfy his ego.


sa ma16 minutes agoThe Israeli lobby is harming the long-term interestsof America. What Trump could have done, was to require all oil money from Iranto be exchanged for goods and services from Europe and USA. That would haveboosted American and European workers. Instead Israel lobby and the neoconsjust want to push US one step closer to war with Iran. At the end, it's theAmerican tax payers who will pay for yet another war for Israel. Many innocentpeople will die senselessly and ultimately China will increase its reach aroundthe globe as the more thoughtful and pragmatic superpower.


meuhud25 minutes agoWhat a poorly made video by Alan Sipress. Hementions Israel has reason to be concerned about Iran because "Irandoesn't recognize Israel's right to exist" but he does not mention thatIran continually threatens "to wipe Israel off of the map". Thank Godwe here in Israel understand that at the end of the day we can only count onourselves for security & that we can never allow that security to be putsolely in the hands of a flawed verification system. We thank President Trumpfor having the courage to take the U.S. out of the "Munich-like" dealthat President Obama and the other 5 members of the JCPOA authored. That theworld seems so ready to bend over backwards to the Mullahs who run thetotalitarian terrorist-supporting State of Iran is more than disappointing.Whether support for the seriously flawed JCPOA wasbased on ignorance, weakness, pacifism, or just outright anti-Semitism we don'tknow. But what we do know is that Iran will be stopped - no matter the cost!


kaitlin rushin 1 minute (Edited)Keep your hands out of our pockets. Why do you guysneed $4 bil in US cash and hardware every year?

You fight your own wars? Since when? We built yourentire defense system and still send troops to the mideast to defend Israeliinterests.

Isreal defends itself? LOL! Who are you kidding?


this will end badly43 minutes agoChina builds a train track to ignite commerce. Webuild a wall to ignite hate.


this will end badly33 minutes agoIt's about damn time someone stood up to horrificleaders like Trump. China is becoming more powerful every year and likely wringingtheir hands about us pulling out of Iran. Apparantly, this will givethem even more power, connections and strong ties to other countries beyondwhat they could have before Dump.


stefan sadikovic51 minutes agoAmerica doesn't equal the world


giantsmax1 hour agoChinese media also says that China's energyconglomerate CNPC would take over for France's Total in the South Pars naturalgas fields in Iran should Total feel it must leave. The Chinese company alreadyhas a 30% stake, Total 50%.It is the biggest natural gas field in the world.

中国媒体还称如果法国企业total撤出的话,中国能源巨头中石油将接管该公司在伊朗的South Pars天然气田。这家中国企业已经拥有30%的份额,而法国公司拥有50%。这是世界上最大的一个天然气田。