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China tensions push India into world's top five defence spenders

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NEW DELHI: India has joined the United States and China as one of the world's five biggest military spenders, reflecting geopolitical tensions as well as the country's reliance on imported weapons and sprawling personnel costs.

New Delhi's defence spending rose by 5.5 percent to $63.9 billion in 2017 and has now passed France, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute said in a report released on Wednesday.


Worldwide military spending rose marginally last year to $1.73 trillion, or roughly 2.2 percent of global gross domestic product, the group said. The list of the world's biggest military spenders has remained consistent in recent years, dominated by the US and China, which spent $610 billion and $228 billion respectively, according to SIPRI, which researches global arms spending.


However, the group said the balance of military spending is "clearly shifting" toward Asia, Oceania and the Middle East, driven largely by spending increases in China, India and Saudi Arabia.


China spends far more on its military than any other power in Asia.


Beijing's share of worldwide military expenditure rose to 13 percent in 2017 from just 5.8 percent in 2008, according to SIPRI. The Chinese government has increased spending 8.5 percent per year between 2007 and 2016 and its leaders "seem committed to increases in defence spending for the foreseeable future, even as China's economic growth slows," according to a US department of defence report on China's military.


In India's case, however, increased spending doesn't mean the armed forces are deploying state-of-the-art equipment. The rise in defence spending mostly goes toward salaries and pensions for roughly 1.4 million serving personnel and more than 2 million veterans, said Laxman Kumar Behera, a research fellow with New Delhi's Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses.


"Because so much money is consumed by manpower costs, there isn't enough left over to buy equipment," Behera said.


India's own army echoes that sentiment. Vice-Chief of Army Staff Lt Gen Sarath Chand told a parliamentary committee in March the current budget barely accounts for inflation and tax payments. Only 14 percent goes toward military modernization compared to 63 percent for salaries, Chand said.


Faced with geopolitical threats from Pakistan and China, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has tried to boost domestic defence production with his 'Make in India' programme.


Yet, ministry of defence data released in response to a parliamentary question shows that procurement from Indian vendors has declined since 2014 - when Modi came to power - while procurement from foreign vendors increased slightly. Overall equipment procurement also dipped, the data shows.



Maharaj Gupta

Just imagine! If we didnt have these rogues as neighbours, we could have used all this money for the welll being of our people.


Kapil Kapur

Nehru-gandhi was eating India inside out..


Office Of Pappu Papita

And this foetus named Rahul Pappu Khan will have secret meetings with the Chinese and Pakis at a time when he''s supposed to behave like a responsible Opposition !! He''s a national disgrace


Kapil Kapur

Thanks to Pappu Kanjariwal Pappu the Moron and united opposition to question surgical strike....


Kapil Kapur

With no offence, India at present is a polio patient bitten by nehru-gandhi legacy, all that can be done is give some booster shots, before the next-generation takes it forward...



Courageous Modi can make India no.1 in producing defence goods after winning next election in 2019 .



And this is just the beginning .... We have a Boeing plane factory coming up in Karnataka... An arms factory in Tamil Nadu...Bullet proof jackets for all army people.... Just in 4 years... All credit to our hero Modi...the tireless son of India...


Rits Shil

Misleading journalism with misleading headlines. A force which spends 63% of its allocated budget for welfare of its personal and another 16% for mantainance of existing assets and u say China tension push India as top five defence spenders. Is it a joke?


Mithilesh Kumar

Countries exporting military hardwares to India has interest in maintaining tensions in the Indian subcontinent and cross border terrorism.


Kapil Kapur

Earlier Paki talked about nuclear power all the time, since Modi came in they want to just talk, and even united opposition requesting Modi to talk.... hahahhahhhhh


Sandeep Thakur

we need kill all radical islamic pig.


Asha Mary Mathew

India needs to jack up its defence budget by at least three times if it wants to survive. The Islamic world and China are ganging up


Ramamurthy Venkateswaran

India might have been one of the top five countries in incurring expenditure on defence. While the chiefs of respective defence wing says that there was no modernization of equipment, recruitment of personnel, etc. how the expenditure rose so much is surprising. Obviously, the purchase of equipment would have helped in getting some palms greased, from Bofors, Agasta helicopters, etc. etc. The US defence industry is in the hands of Jews and Israel is not one of the leading countries in defence imports, obviously domestic production seems to be meeting their requirements. While populous countries like China and India and the petro dollar rich Saudi Arabia have been competing with each other in defence expenditure. Our neighbour Pakistan, in the eyes of the public might not be getting defence assistance from USA, the imports made by China and Saudi Arabia would be ending up in the armament stores of Pakistan. The news tells much less and hides a lot.



All credit to modiji. UPA in 70 yrs could never secure india. In just 3 yrs modiji has taught a lesson to China. Ha ha ha ha ha


译注:在现在印度政坛中,印度人民党领导着所谓的 全国民主联盟(NDA)的右翼政党联盟来进行执政,而国大党则领导着所谓的团结进步联盟(UPA)的左翼政党联盟作为第一大反对党势力。

Diplomat Ki Khala

And even such less budget China and Pakistan cannot muster courage to make an combined attack India. Cowards are scared after Doklam.


Dr Love

That''s good, India is already bankrupt, No achar roti and dall for soldiers on the borders, No food for hungry farmers who are committing suicides, No toilets for 900 million half naked bikharis because their country spending billions on weapons, India is preparing a war with Pakistan and China they cannot win in their most wildest dreams whereas kafir hindus are dying of hunger. India have only one solution, Leave Kashmir and arunachal pradesh or get ready for the ultimate humiliation and destruction both Pak and China will going to unleash on kafir india. Choice is very simple for kafir hindus.


Aamir Khan

more than 60% goes to salaries and 70% of military weapons are outdated, how India is gonna face double threat of Pakistan and China.



Indian Air Force facing capacity crisis: U.S. expert:

DELHI: For example, the report notes that as of early 2016, the IAF was weaker than the numbers suggested, and "At nominally 36.5 squadrons, it is well short of its sanctioned strength, and many of its frontline aircraft are obsolete." On the other hand China and Pakistan have apparently fielded close to 750 advanced air defence or multirole fighters against the IAF's 450-odd equivalents, and by 2025, China may well be in a position to deploy anywhere between 300 and 400 sophisticated air craft against India, in addition to likely 100 to 200 advanced fighters by Pakistan.



Vijay Murugan

I don't see any comparison with China or USA because these two countries manufacture their own defense warfare. India on the other hand is totally dependent on developed countries to supply her with defense equipments.


Diplomat Ki Khala Raand

Few days after 1971 surrender to India (World record in military surrender), Pak Pathan General "Tiger" Niazi asked English army officer, "Why do you English officers all wear red coats? Don''t you know the red material makes enemies easier targets to shoot at?"

English officer informed the general that the reason English officers wear red coats is if they are shot the blood won''t show,and the men they are

leading won''t panic.

And that is why, from that day to this, all Pakistani Army officers wear brown pants.





India, with a land mass a third of China, and a growing massive population that is expected to be more than China in the near future cannot afford to pick a serious fire fight with Pakistan and/or China. India, a nation with hundreds of different languages, ethnicities, cultures and political allegiances, is a growing time bomb waiting to implode. As such, India has enough major inherent local problems of her own that needed to be solved urgently or India will self implode due to rampant corruption, massive unemployment, growing rich / poor divides, Hindu / Muslim / Christian religious rivalries, archival Hindu caste system, and a whole hosts of self inflicted problems.


Owais Hasan Khan

Once a renowned scholar of pakistan "shah ahmed noorani " was asked that how would pakistan develop?he replied that by finshing the institution of army who were the white elephant of pakistan n eating a lot of budget for 0 contributions