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How Nepotistic is China?

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Boost-CatUnited States 於 7小時前 發表

Recently I have learned that China as a result of its familial culture engages in a large amount of Nepotism. How true is this? What is the logic behind supporting Nepotism over merit?



–]rogerwilco42 22 指標 6小時前 

Many jobs are gotten through nepotism. Also many jobs are bought. Merit seems to run a distant third in acquiring jobs.

My theory is that most Chinese do not trust other Chinese. Nepotism is favored because supposedly you can trust family more than non-family members.

Foreigners don't have to buy their jobs but many Chinese do have to pay an amount equal to or more than a years salary to buy their jobs.


[–]ting_bu_dongUnited States 15 指標 3小時前 

“My theory is that most Chinese do not trust other Chinese. Nepotism is favored because supposedly you can trust family more than non-family members.”

I'm not sure that is even about trust as much as it is about the fact that it's slightly harder for your family members to screw you over without repercussions.



But yeah in general? Many people are super competitive. They will fight each other tooth and nail over scraps cheat and scam each other to get ahead whatever.

Which baffles me as to how they can be so nationalistic at the same time.

They love "China" but hate their countrymen.

Me I go just the opposite way. Chinese people are pretty great overall. But fuck nationalism and statism.


[–]LaoSh 0 指標 59 分鐘前 

That is true in all communist societies. Humans naturally want to better themselves so if the only way of being better off than your neighbor is criminalized then it will create criminality in the society.


[–]NumerusBatavorum 5 指標 5小時前 

“Nepotism is favored because supposedly you can trust family more than non-family members.”

Was gonna say this and there's also an inner circle or 'clique' mentality as well where people outside of the clique are not trusted.



[–]baspeysp 3 指標 4小時前 

The Great Leap Forward has permanently killed off trust in Chinese society and ironically the concept of 'public good'.

After all if your family has been starving for 2 generations and anyone could be a snitch there is only one 'in' group you will care about.


[–]LaoSh 1 指標 57 分鐘前 

Its not that people outside of the circle can't be trusted its just that if your goals do not align and you are outside of the circle then you are an enemy. If you have totally separate professional goals then they are trusting to a fault when it comes to interpersonal matters.


[–]takeitchillish 5 指標 4小時前 

But buying jobs is more common in SOEs and in the government as these jobs are jobs for life. No one buys jobs in private companies as these are not really jobs for life.


[–]rogerwilco42 1 指標 2小時前 

Buying a promotion is also a big problem in the Chinese military. Merit and competence is not really considered. It is almost all about who you know and how much you are willing to pay to be promoted.


[–]TheDark1 11 指標 4小時前 

Not true. China is an egalitarian technocratic communist socialist capitalist meritocratic paradise.


[–]ting_bu_dongUnited States 3 指標 3小時前 

“Not true. China is an egalitarian technocratic communist socialist capitalist meritocratic paradise.”

I do marvel at the doublethink needed to be pro-party sometimes.



[–]caonimadepi 1 指標 4小時前 

careful with that edge I almost cut myself mod.


[–]irresistiblebadidea 5 指標 6小時前 

Very true. Look up 'guanxi'.

Also worth to look up '公私分明'.


[–]kosherkomrade 3 指標 4小時前 

Being qualified is good being the owner's idiot cousin is better. Nevermind that the survival of the business depends on competence.


[–]ting_bu_dongUnited States 1 指標 3小時前 

When does the survival of the business depend on competence in a guanxi system?


[–]LaoSh 1 指標 54 分鐘前 

The survival of the business depends on keeping the right people happy. The GDPPC relies on competence and we have all seen how China is doing on that front.


[–]HautamakiCanada 2 指標 1小時前 

In government or SOE jobs careers are for sale and you basically won’t get hired without a huge bribe or great connections. This is largely because competence isn’t that necessary for the job and the standard pay is crappy so the real money often comes from under the table which often includes selling jobs. Meanwhile buying the job is worthwhile because it’s basically lifelong career stability and if you are actually competent you can advance to a position where you can sell jobs yourself or do some other under the table stuff to make real money while if your incompetent this is by far the most ‘face’ you could ever hope to get since you’re incompetence would actually have consequences and result in you probably getting fired and losing tons of face in the private sector.


In private businesses jobs for sale are rarer because unlike government jobs or soes which can get unlimited free loans from the state owned banks which likewise get unlimited free money from the state owned mint the private company actually needs competent employees in order to remain profitable. However private companies especially smaller ones do keep some room for nepotism hires because giving a job to your family member is often a matter of maintaining family relationships and also because you can trust your own family member to rob you a little less than strangers.


[–]aghicantthinkofaname 1 指標 3小時前 

Are you serious?


[–]loned__ 1 指標 2小時前 

Depends on the region.

Typically I like to say that Southern people focus on family relationships while Northen people focus on government relationships. Shanghai is probably the best place for people want clear cut business relationship.


Foreigner doesn’t need to consider any of this because they’re price makers. As long as China has a high demand on White English teacher you don’t need to worry about relationship. Remember only those who aren’t qualitfied are subjected to Nepotism.


[–]Talldarkn67 1 指標 1小時前 

Nepostism while more visible in Chinese society is a world wide problem. Its not as if someone in insert country that has a wealthy daddy doesnt have better job prospects and opportunities than someone who doesnt. How many politicians in insert country are someones wife brother son uncle etc.? How many company presidents vice presidents are there due to family ties? This is the way of the world. Its not what you know. Its who you know or who your related to. Hence the never ending loop that humanity has been stuck in since the beggining of human history. Where one generation build something up and the following generations tear it down due to entitlement and nepotism.




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