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Why Do Chinese People...

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Petros777 於 2 天前 發表

Smack their food while eating?

Honk their horns all the fucking time?

Blow cigarrette smoke in your face while riding an escalator?

Never use headphones?

Yell in public?


Have a lack of personal hygine(bad breath)?

Sleep at work?

Let their kids run around scream and just do whatever the fuck they want in public?

Travel with stupidly huge suitcases?











I just moved here 2 months ago and peoples general behavior and total lack of respect/public courtesy is baffling to me. People here feel almost like aliens to me.

What is the root cause behind all of these behaviors? Im seriously asking. I dont get why they act like this at all. Did they never learn...manners?




–]wtiam 11 指標 2 天前 


Well let's get into it. Won't get deep into explanations though.

“Smack their food while eating?”

Not sure what's smacking the food actually.




“Honk their horns all the fucking time?”

1.4bn of people millions and millions crammed in every city. Noise is everywhere they were born in it molded in it. They are desynthesized to noise.



“Blow cigarrette smoke in your face while riding an escalator?”

A lot of your questions stem from the same root to put it shortly people don't give a fuck about people that aren't related to them. Why? Another longer story.



“Never use headphones?”

The same it's good to him. You don't use headphones at home do you? Well if you don't give a fuck about people around you are always at home.



“Yell in public?”

Above plus the language plus the noise so you gotta be louder. Becomes a norm.




Same don't give a fuck. Need to get in first ASAP. Fuck all else.



“Have a lack of personal hygine(bad breath)?”

Bad habits historical "only foreigners smell"



“Sleep at work?”

You gonna stay at work till 8 anyway and you spent 2 hours commuting in the morning so might as well have a nap. A few more things but yea.



“Let their kids run around scream and just do whatever the fuck they want in public?”

1 child policy spoiled kids. Grandparents spoil grandchildren even worse.



“Travel with stupidly huge suitcases?”

People with less wealth do that out of necessity. China is large you can't just drop some stuff in the trunk of your car.



Tip: gotta get used to it son! These are all well-noticed by you and it's an absolute norm. Don't stress. Don't complain to Chinese people about it. Try to relax or you won't have a good time. Also you can't change them so don't bother either. Have a good day!


[–]bangdingowchina 8 指標 1 天前* 

Dude get out of China. If you feel this way after two months it will get MUCH worse before you even hit a year. Took me about a year to get to the point you are at now. I'm outta here shortly. Good luck....


[–]HautamakiCanada 13 指標 2 天前 

“Smack their food while eating?”

Not sure but I think it's just not considered rude perhaps never has been



“Honk their horns all the fucking time?”

Chinese people don't wear seat belts don't shoulder check and are not aware of the existence of side or rear view mirrors. Honking their horns to announce their presence to other drivers who otherwise are only aware of the existence of things directly in front of their vehicles a short distance away is one of the most sensible things they do.

"开车的时候TM为什么一直在按喇叭?" (神烦这种人)


“Blow cigarrette smoke in your face while riding an escalator?

Never use headphones?

Yell in public?


Total obliviousness to the common humanity or dignity of strangers outside their 'in-group'.






“Have a lack of personal hygine(bad breath)?”

Haven't noticed this is bad maybe it's idiosyncratic to where you are?



“Sleep at work?”

They'll sleep in public too; they've got to sleep somewhere and many workers have 10-12 hour work days with 2+ hour commutes.



“Let their kids run around scream and just do whatever the fuck they want in public?”

Because they were tyrannized brutally when they were children and live in fear of repeating that mistake with their own children; the pendulum has swung too far and the single-child 'little emperor' syndrome has only exacerbated it. We can only hope the next generation finds a middle ground.



“Travel with stupidly huge suitcases?”

I think you may be referring to migrant workers here; and they don't really have a choice about that--that's their whole lives in those bags.



“Did they never learn...manners?”

There may be a smidge of truth in this question. One aspect of the Cultural Revolution was the total destruction of bourgeois values--including 'manners'. Urban intellectuals were sent to live with farmers and told to idolize the farmers' crudeness and coarseness as a sort of superior wisdom to their bourgeois manners which were disdained as the product of corrupt capitalism. So that is also no doubt a factor in the breakdown of 'polite society' in China and is reflected in the nouveau riche counter-culture of trying to re-embrace 'high society' in some way through crude consumerism through world travel through cosmopolitan ambition in attempting to recruit more foreign experts and elites to their universities and business (at least during Hu's reign) and even through 'manners classes' ( https://www.forbes.com/sites/mariannacerini/2016/10/17/etiquette-classes-for-chinas-wealthy-women-are-the-newest-status-symbol/#34365f8b7e81 )(链接为:为中国富有女性打造的礼仪课是最新的社会地位象征)



And another factor to remember is that China went from just 200 million to about 800 million urban population since 1980.



The change in rural and urban population in China from 1949 to 2050. 

There are ton of adjustments a person and a society has to make to adapt to urban life as compared to rural life which most of us in the West probably take for granted because we were born into societies that were already dominated by urban mores for 100 years. A lot of what we consider common-sense good manners are actually behaviors societies painstakingly evolved over multiple generations to adapt to going from living in a wide open area with at most a couple hundred people around us all of whom we know quite well to living in cramped conditions surrounded by millions of strangers. That's what 'manners' essentially is and China's cities have roughly 600 million people who weren't born into cities and so really do have to learn those 'manners' from scratch. It will take them a few generations just as it took us generations. If you went back to the 1800s in the West when all of our cities started getting flooded with ex-farmers to come work in factories you'd no doubt have been just as appalled if not much moreso by their manners.


[–]Hairofthe 5 指標 2 天前 

“Did they never learn manners?”

They never learned to consider other people. Some of the young generation are better but they get drowned out by the rest that aren't



[–]narcosis101 3 指標 1 天前 

Welcome to China. When I was there i decided to just try to ignore it and learn to live with it. Complain all you like but none of them give a fuck so just learn to roll with it or get out of China.


[–]corgibuttlover69 1 指標 21小時前 

Just get out of this shithole honestly. My flight is already booked as well.


[–]smasbut -2 指標 2 天前 

Classic shitpost. Welcome to living in a developing country. Anyone wanna place bets on how many more months OP makes it before running home?


[–]bangdingowchina 6 指標 1 天前 

That "developing country" excuse is so stale that the mold is growing mold.

那个“发展中国家”的梗真的老, 都快发霉长毛了。

[–]smasbut 4 指標 1 天前 

What excuse? The vast majority of Chinese are one generation away from rural poverty and behave like it....


[–]Petros777[S] 5 指標 1 天前* 

Nah im genuinely confused by these specific mannerisms. Not a shitpost. Gonna stay my whole contract.

Edit: China is fine.



[–]bradj43 0 指標 1 天前 

I promise you there is so much more awesome stuff to worry and learn about in China than why their mannerisms are different than what you're used to. Ignore what bothers you make friends find out what makes you smile and learn about how the country got to where it is today. Read books eat food take random buses and trains and watch Netflix when you need to. These questions are not unanswerable and you'll get your resolution eventually but it's counterproductive to use them as your starting point.


[–]hcc415 -3 指標 2 天前 

I think JAPAN can still match the condition at what you list .


[–]ency 1 指標 1 天前 

I have been to China and Japan and don't understand what you mean.


[–]come-at-me 1 指標 1 天前 

Japan is on the opposite end of the spectrum.


[–]MobiusTripUnited Kingdom -1 指標 1 天前 

Have you noticed that the answer to most of those questions is that generally they don't do those things.

Just go out in public and count the number of people who are doing none of those things.

When you see one that is you will remember it though.