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Drink more hot water


It seems that hot water is trully magical for the Chinese. They firmly believe drinking plenty of water can cure you when you have a cold headache stomachache depression and other diseases. Broke up with your beloved? Lost your job? No money? Don't worry and drink more hot water!


[–]Sarciness 24 指標 2 天前 

The British version of this is "oh dear I'll put the kettle on"


[–]NizzoUnited States 54 指標 2 天前 

good for healthy


[–]BakGikHung 12 指標 2 天前 

It is good for the healthy do you know it?

是对the healthy(健康)有益,你知道吗?(指“good for healthy”这短语有错)

[–]ObsidianOrangutan 2 指標 1 天前 

Seriously though where does the "good for healthy" meme come from? I've lived here for 3 years and never heard a chinese person say it only expats making a joke

严肃说,“good for healthy”这话从何而来?我已经在这生活了3年,从来没听有中国人这样说。仅仅是外籍务工人士开的一个玩笑。


[–]jielong0 5 指標 1 天前 

In Chinese the line between adjectives verbs and nouns are often pretty blurred eg. one word could be used as all three in different contexts. 健康 can be translated as healthy or health depending on the usage hence why sometimes Chinese people will use the wrong term in English.


[–]HugoWull 1 指標 1 天前 

I've heard plenty students in the US say it quite often.


[–]RoomTempBeer 1 指標 1 天前* 

As the other poster says word form confusion is common in Chinese learners of English and if you teach English you see/hear it in students speaking and writing rather a lot usually as a justification or argument for...just about anything.


[–]O7GS 13 指標 1 天前 

On a serious note. Due to the specific heat capacity of the human body in comparison to that of water. Unless you’re drinking litres of water every few minutes then the temperature of the water you drink will have almost no effect on your internal organs. Hence why I think the idea of drinking hot water is all a placebo effect.


The only real health concern to do with water temperature is that lead tainted water will be more dangerous if boiled than room temperature water.


[–]SlashSeroHong Kong 6 指標 1 天前* 

The reason why there is so much superstition about cold water is because until recently all water wasn't safe to drink unless brought to a boil. Even some mineral water can be sketchy at times outside of first tier areas. I don't think any Chinese cares about long term effects like eventual toxic lead build up.


If you are an English teacher some hilarious experiment you can try is to show you boil a kettle of water then let it cool down to room temperature and ask if any student wants to drink it. They will all refuse as if drinking it is like drinking poison. Take a sip and let them watch in awe calling you a 疯老外. Their parents drilled into their mind that they can only drink hot water without actually going as far as to explaining why.


The superstition in some parts of China is so strong you can find really intelligent students from prestigious universities putting onions in their socks to "absorb the illness" chugging hot water "for their healthy" binding herbs to their arms or legs taking such concentrations of TCM containing anticoagulants until they get nose bleeds and go to the hospitals for IV drips to aid their studying.


[–]O7GS 1 指標 1 天前 

I’m not an English teacher sadly I have a boring office job in Hong Kong.


But I also studied masters in Hong Kong and was told many times by classmates not to drink cold water. Even when I explained to them the basic science of specific heat capacity would mean that my stomach temperature would not be effected by the temperature of the water I drink. And they always would come up with bullshit about Chinese being genetically different.


The weirdest thing I heard recently was someone telling me that reading a book on the bus will make me sick but playing on your phone is fine.


[–]mikeyjk 2 指標 1 天前 

Throat tongue and mouth cancer is the worry with hot drinks. Not the internal organs I thought.


[–]plexwang 15 指標 2 天前 

This cup will get you laid left and right!


[–]Chrisco91 3 指標 2 天前 

Taobao lix? Asking for a friend...


[–]_China_ThrowAway[S] 6 指標 2 天前 


You could also search for "LaowaiMe 多喝热水"

Tell your “friend” it’s only 38 kuai



[–]fxuwen 9 指標 2 天前 

38 Yuan? That is a bit expensive.


[–]VurJess 1 指標 1 天前 

It's all this price


[–]Monkeyfeng 8 指標 2 天前 

inb4 people don't get the sarcasm.


[–]JayfrinCanada 1 指標 2 天前 

The little paragraph got me laughing.



[–]will0star 2 指標 1 天前 

yes hot water heals everything especially period cramps and fevers.


[–]HaiNiu 1 指標 1 天前 

When does the laduzi kick in?


[–]xoRomaCheena31 0 指標 2 天前 

I'm just waiting for some scientific evidence on this.


[–]FluffyWofAustralia -1 指標 2 天前 

Ah I just really despise those big fat cups. They are so unwieldy and not my style at all. My parents and grandparents have the and drinking from them felt like drinking from a bowl without a spoon.