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Delivery guy spits in customer's food

龙腾网/翻译加工厂 2018-07-02 17:23:01 送餐员食物吐口水
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WhereTheHotWaterAt 11 points·4 days ago

As of 2018 I think waimai isn't all that great. The delivery prices went up they stopped offering interesting discounts the quality usually pretty low or the food can even be dirty (most good restaurants don't offer waimai). I dislike all the plastic waste it generates too. When I do order I order from a shop I already know (mc donalds usually). Ever since I stopped waimai everyday at work I gotta say my bowels movements have been much smoother

I get all my groceries delivered tho that stuff rocks.


Domhnal 8 points·4 days ago

Except for the plastic waste my experience has been none of these.


oolongvanilla 2 points·4 days ago

Same here. Which company does everyone here use? I use Meituan (美图) and I've never had any problems except for guilt over the plastic waste. Sometimes I wash the containers and reuse them but one can only do that so many times before you're overloaded with plastic containers.


ratsta 1 point·4 days ago

Visited a pizza restaurant one day with the gf. I ordered two different pizzas so we'd have some variety. At the end of the meal I asked for takeaway and the waiter brought back about a 4kg of plastic and paper.


In my shit Chinese I said "No no just want a bag." He looked at me blankly so I repeated in English and my gf translated with almost exactly the same words. With visible confusion the guy handed me just the plastic bag.


The gf asked "So... now what?"


In response I stacked up the remaining pizza and dropped it into the bag. The waiter watched with absolute horror as if I was dismembering his mother's pet. I stood up thanked him and headed off to the cash register.


As we left gf says to me "You know Ratsta sometimes you surprise me."


"Huh?" I eloquently replied.


"A Chinese person wants lots of packaging but you only want a bag!"






"En. I'm a laowai. I have no face. I do what I can for the environment though."


bigwangbowski United States 4 points·4 days ago

The packaging waste is one of the reasons why I don't order delivery as much these days.


enxiongenxiong United States 2 points·4 days ago

If I ever have a conflict or disagreement with one of these people I cancel the order.


Stid 2 points·4 days ago

I don't quite get what he gets out of this. Unless he knows and dislikes the person he's delivering to... Does he spend his whole day spitting in meals? Seems like a boring hobby.


PM-ME-YUAN 1 point·4 days ago

You're supposed to tip those guys? I thought China wasn't a tipping culture?


narsfweasels 0 points·4 days ago

Rule 1: Be nice to the delivery guys.

Rule 2: Don’t order food for delivery in China.

Repeat get success!




bigbosslaowai Best Korea  1 point·4 days ago

Secret sauce


metrxqin China 0 points·4 days ago

I feel uncomfortable to let other people to take food delivery for me so I always do it myself.


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FuckAroundAndFindOutLib (104.00) NEW! 5 days ago +59

Nasty. I always tip $5 for delivery


Buckshotboone (2494.59) FuckAroundAndFindOutLib 5 days ago +35

I always do at least 25%. I know that's crazy but I least want them to feel guilty for jizzing on my delivery food.


Havana Cubachamele0n (56.90) FuckAroundAndFindOutLib 4 days ago +3

Chinese would still spit in the food because they have no concepts of guilt as in Christian-based cultures. Only of "shame" when busted for violating "social order".


They also have no concept of "friends" so no matter how nice you are to them they will still screw you because you are not family to them. They are only obsessed with family loyalty.


I suppose the only way to influence them is through their pocketbook or through fear. It's disgusting that one would have to start acting like themselves to deal with their fvckery.


D-O-M (345.68) FuckAroundAndFindOutLib 4 days ago

i cant figure out why he would do that what a fool


Drub Patriot (1005.10) 5 days ago +18

The spit is nothing compared to the recycled oil they used


FFS LL Broke Again (143.93) Drub Patriot 5 days ago +5

Ah gutter oil. They usually pass it through a filter a couple times. That way any remaining faecal matter will be too small to get stuck in your teeth and thus be inadmissible as evidence in court.


gasguts (278.20) 4 days ago +15

This is why I alway wipe my arse with the money I pay them with.


Filiberke (325.30) 4 days ago +12

That's one of the reasons i cook myself.


hjasdfh888 (65.80) Filiberke 4 days ago +1

Restaurant industry is going to get dumped in the future when we can buy it from robots. They employ some bottom-barrel people and feeding crowds is too valuable to allow that. I hope i see the day when wait staff have to be licensed and restaurants have real (expensive) quality regulations. It would make sense to treat it like medical stuff


Gertcha (125.60) 4 days ago +8

you really think those black kitchen staff scrub them paws then they go fo a shit?


Tote el Far quit (1141.80) 5 days ago +5

Itwas a seafood.He was just adding the oysters.


AussieDude (605.52) 4 days ago +4

I love cooking. I totally despise the Indians Brazillians Mexicans and other brown people here in Oz on their annoying fucking bee-rooting scooters (come on cunts learn to lift your fucking feet off the ground as you are riding along FFS) as they dart through traffic overtaking on the left on the right going through red lights failing to give way to pedestrians on walk crossings just basically behaving like cave-people as they go about their only directive in life to get their next $1 cashout for delivering their next Deliveroo Foodora Uber Eats meal etc. Fuck em all. Bigger picture you are here on a student visa for 12 months and are allowed to work 20 hours per week. Bullshit. You are all here for the dollars you can make per week whilst dodging your studies in basket weaving etc. WTF is society turning to that the general populace can't even cook their own meal or walk down to the nearest take away to order your own meal? I mean seriously. Eventually the Govt will catch up with these two wheel pests and fuck them off back to Islamabad Brasilia or wherever the fuck they came from.

我喜欢做饭,我真的鄙视在澳大利亚的印度人、巴西人、墨西哥人和其他棕色皮肤的人,他们骑着那烦死人的像蜜蜂一样嗡嗡叫的摩托车(拜托,龟孙子们,当你他妈的骑车前行时,把你们那该死的脚从地上抬起来啊),在交通车流中穿行时Z形走位、超车闯红灯、过斑马线时不让路给行人,行为举止粗俗得就像洞穴人。因为他们人生中唯一的指令就是其下一个1美元的Deliveroo、 Foodora 、Uber 、Eats等这些平台的外卖订单。去他妈的。更重要的是,你们持有的学生签证能让你们在这里待12个月,允许你每周工作20小时。真是狗屎。你们都是为每周能挣到钱而来的,同时还编织谎言逃避学习等。现在这个社会怎么变成个普通老百姓都不自己做饭,或步行到附近的餐馆点餐的社会了?我是说真的。最终,政府会抓住这些骑两个轮子的害虫,把他们赶回伊斯兰堡、巴西利亚或他妈的让他们从哪里来的就滚回哪去。

dashmatrix (45.20) 4 days ago +3

It's China for christ sake. The spit was the healthiest thing in the food.


TheBrightSide (89.66) 4 days ago +3

Chinese are some real sick animals. This is why I NEVER eat out ever. I prepare all my own food fresh at home.


Long fingers (101.10) 4 days ago +3

Order another take out then when he arrives kick the absolute fuck out of him simple.


ElrodStankwell (1689.30) 3 days ago

I've seen too many videos of delivery drivers fucking with food to know that I will never ever have food delivered. It's bad enough that the teenagers working behind the scenes at restaurants will most likely fuck with the food but I won't add to the risk by having yet another low paid scumbag fuck with my food along the way.


San Francisco Californiatralfaz (990.20) 4 days ago

Delivery drivers always think they so special. There are many restaurant workers in Malaysia that would gladly take their job.