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Does China have 4G networks?

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在中国深圳待了一段时间。4 G网是可以用的。你必须试试微信,这是一个非常具有创意的聊天应用程序。我喜欢的是,使用微信,你可以使用二维码向一家餐馆结账——无现金社会。此外,中国在5G、5G、IOT、无人机等方面也做了很多工作。


Wallis Dudhnath

Spent some time in China, Shenzhen.

4G is available. You have to look at WeChat (compare with Whatsapp) which is a very innovative application for chatting. What I like was that using WeChat you can use a QR (Quick Response) code to do a payment to a restaurant - the cashless society.

Also China is doing a lot around 5G, 5G NR, IOT, Drones, etc

在中国深圳待了一段时间。4 G网是可以用的。你必须试试微信,这是一个非常具有创意的聊天应用程序。我喜欢的是,使用微信,你可以使用二维码向一家餐馆结账——无现金社会。此外,中国在5G、5G、IOT、无人机等方面也做了很多工作。


We don't actually use 4G networks; most of our Chinese people we learn to communicate to each other by learning Chinese traditional way of communication since we born, we call it “Chi”! Chi is one kind of Kung Fu, and also very special skills of communications. We learn it from the very beginning of our life even since we still inside mom’s tummy! We learn to gether surrounding air, make force fields, sense every directions of air flow, emerge with the mother nature. By doing so, we can express ourselves by just sending our Chi out without even talking, speaking. And this kind of communication can be sent far distance with almost lighting speed, and best of all, it's absolutely secured, never need to worry about FBI, CIA, NSA. That’s why you may see many Chinese might act shy, quiet and don't speak a lot, it's because we are using our Chi to communicate.

我们实际上并不使用4G网络。我们大多数中国人从出生起就通过学习中国传统的沟通方式来互相交流,我们称之为“叱”! 气是一种功夫,也是非常特殊的沟通技巧。我们从生命的开始就开始学习,即使我们还在妈妈肚子里!我们就学会了利用周围的空气,形成力场,感知气流的各个方向,与大自然一起共存。




People who live outside mainland China will never know what the incredibly daily transform is happening here…

After 1 year’s study in the UK, I found something brand new for example the sharing bikes or mobile payments in my hometown. I never heared the concept “sharing bikes” before I start my studies, but now the bikes are sitting at every corner of every street…You can easily unlock them using your phone, ride it to anywhere you want and then drop it at there…super convenient.

I found you can do anything, shopping, travelling or having a dinner without any cashes. Simply take your phone and lets go…I cannot do this even before this year because some restaurants/services dont support it but now I can.

This amazing stuff possibly happens here at every moment…Too quick to who outside. When you asking this question, the 5 generation network in China is already on its way possibly in next few years…4G had popularized for more than 5 or 6 (…cannot remeber the exact number) years in China…

I have to say that most of westerns I know take an outdated or biased viewpoints on China and Chinese society…like many questions of China on Quora. If these People know something…maybe only little…about China, they wont ask those silly and ridiculous questions.






Sashank Reddy 

China has 4G network. But its different from other 4G networks. They dont normally use LTE. They use TD-LTE which makes non chinese phones useless. 4G is quite broad. It encompasses many technologies and not all providers or handsets support all of them.

At one point UMB / EVDO and Flash-OFDM along with a few others were being developed to a 4G standard. But they were discontinued.

If you find that your phone only uses 3G network even when it is suppoed to be 4G mobile, it just means that your phone is not compatible with the specific network. In addition, each technology has bands of operation. Each provider uses different bands and your phone may not support quite a lot of them. Always read the spec carefully becore purchase.

中国有4 g网络。但它与其他4G网络不同。他们通常不使用LTE。他们使用TD-LTE技术,这使得非中国手机变得毫无用处。4 g是相当广泛的。它包含许多技术,并不是所有的供应商或手机都支持它们。

Bhavesh Motiani 

Dude you need to understand that China is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. It is now eyeing US next from development standpoint and they will get there. It is great to be part of digital revolution that you can feel in China.

For payments in China you don’t need a wallet or cash. You need your cellphone only with WeChat or Alipay installed in it. This level of digitization cannot be achieved without having powerful networks.

So yes - China has 4G but it has lot more to offer when it comes to digitization.




Murali Krishna U 

Yes , China have 4G network. I personally use China mobile 4G network.


Drop Yain

I live in a city usually categorized as “second-tier” or “third-tier” in China. According to my memories, people in our city have been using 4G network since 2014 or 2015, and now everyone around me is using 4G. 2G and 3G are considered completely outdated.


NUnez CLemenza

No they don't. How can they have 4G network if they don’t have mobile phone? They live in cottages and go anywhere by foot. So they have nothing.





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