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A visit to ‘The Kingdom of Women’ to meet the real bosses

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A visit to ‘The Kingdom of Women’ to meet the real bosses


Society is a web of social relations, and it keeps on changing. From  time immemorial, using ‘family’ as the main base for analysis, men have  been enjoying the position being hold in high pedestal. Men have always  been looked upon as providers and protectors. All this while, the  inherent turmoil, the very fight for gender equality piquing people’s  mind.


Today, if not entirely, the concept and the battle of equality for  women is making a lot of noise, and very rightly so. The fight is not  going to see its end in near future, but hopefully we might be able to  breathe in a world where everyone is equal. Without much ado, let us go  to the serene valleys of Himalayas to meet the Mosuo Tribe and see how  it feels to be in a land where women enjoy all the power.


The region is often dubbed as ‘The Kingdom of Women’. Also referred  to as the last matriarchal societies in the world, the Mosuo people have  been living on the banks of Lugu Lake for centuries. The lake borders  China’s Yunnan and Sichuan provinces and is 2700 m above sea level. The  nearest city from the region is a six-hour drive away.


It is primarily the remoteness of the region, which helped the people  here to guard their customs so fiercely. In fact, if records are to go  by, the customs of Mosuo people are so unique that they are not found  anywhere else. Let us take you quickly through these.


In their society, women are the face of it. For them, men don’t  ‘complete’ them and they don’t consider marriage as an achievement. They  follow a unique tradition known as zouhun or ‘walking marriages’. Mosuo  girls also enjoy the liberty of choosing their lovers and they can have  as many or a few lovers as they wish during their lifetime.


During these ‘marriages’, upon invitation, men visit the house of  women. They stay in a designated room called ‘flower room’. During  daybreak, the men leaves for their home. This custom can happen many a  times and no one will be bothered to know about the father of a child if  the woman gets pregnant. Couples don’t live together and kids are  looked after by the female’s family.


Role of men


Men do have an important role to play in Mosuo society though.  Traditionally, they used to stay away from the village to sell their  produce and earn livelihood. They were also responsible for fishing,  building houses, and rearing of livestock.


Till date, they are not deemed financially responsible for taking  responsibilities of their own kids, but they are responsible for taking  care of their nephews and nieces living with them.


Inheriting property


It would be wrong to state that men enjoy the least power in this  region. In wider society, men still yield political power; yet, women  are the ‘bosses’ of their household, responsible for taking all the  household decisions.

认为这个地区的男性权力起码是错误的。在更广泛的社会中,男性仍然掌握政治权力; 女性则是家庭的“老板”,担任所有家庭决策。

Moreover, the wealth and property is passed on through the mother to  lady of the house, thereby giving her all the authority and freedom.


Mosuo customs


They follow unusual customs such as veneration of dogs. They believed  that dogs had a lifespan of 60 years, whereas humans lived for only 13  years. As per the belief, humans and dogs traded their life spans and  humans pledged to pay due respects to dogs in return.


Next time, when you are planning for a vacation, think about this  place. Your vacation will not only introduce you to an exotic place, but  will also introduce you to an open culture.


Also, we think it is time that other places should take some cue from them!