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Chinese space station smashes to Earth at 17,000mph off the coast of Tahiti: Nine-ton installation the size of a school bus comes crashing into the at

龙腾网/bluebit 2018-07-06 15:39:43 中国天空一号失控
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Nightster, Cheshire, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

A fiver on it hitting me.


Donald, Toronto, Canada, 1 day ago

"Out of range are Russia, Canada and northern Europe"....if you read the article, you wouldn't make that bet


Copacetic, Dogpatch, United States, 1 day ago

Just in case, I ate all the Easter chocolates immediately.


xChuckZitox, Fresno, United States, 1 day ago

With my luck this would be the one lottery that I would win.


ChatBot, East Coast, United States, 1 day ago

Hide your kids, hide your wife.. and hide your husband!


LINER011, LAS VEGAS, 23 hours ago

Will this increase global warming to catastrophic levels? Are we now past the tipping point? Oh, the horror, when does the sky fall?

难道这不会导致全球变暖么? 我们是不是快到了最后时刻了?哦,太可怕了,天要啥时候塌下来了

Imran786, Little Aston, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

Made in China, says it all.


sam my, The Heartland, United States, 1 day ago

It would be funny if it will crash back into China, after all, they launched it!


Pookie Jones, Chicago, United States, 1 day ago

Top comment


D3v, Preston, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

Sent from your iPhone?


Mike Man, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 1 day ago

Because you Brits are famous for space stations and high-speed railway networks and massive infrastructure investments like the Pearl Delta bridge right now. SMH


splinanderothe3rd, Pyongyang, Nigeria, 1 day ago

People believing in the m a s o n ic lies of space travel.....says it all really.


yve, UK, United Kingdom, 23 hours ago

Mike man..hate to break it to you but the British invented trains AND ironically enough the first steam locomotive was called The Rocket. Cable stayed bridges were here in 1817...can't help it if you lot are waaaaay behind us can we ?


Scotty Mac, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 23 hours ago

yve, And whats happened since. It was a Scotsman that invented the steam train.


JM, Hamburg, Germany, 23 hours ago

yve: That means you guys were way beyond your time and decided to skip spacecraft as you'd already invented the 'rocket'?


Mike Man, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 21 hours ago

Yve, it's that kind of mentality that will see Britain fall further behind. Yes the Brits invented almost everything, yes the sun once never set on their empire, yes you were once colonial masters. But whilst you are busy reminiscing others, not just China are moving ahead. Keep harping on how great you, keep knocking whilst others build and see how far you will get in 20 years.

Yve,英国以后要还是这种心态的话更会落后。 是的,英国人几乎发明了所有的东西,是的,他们曾经是日不落帝国,是的,你们曾经是殖民地的主人。 但当你忙于追忆辉煌的时候,不仅是中国在前进。 当你不断自称伟大的时候,别人正闷头建设,20年后看看你还能走多远。

Get a grip, Manchester, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

WIsh it would land on a shed load of ISIS murderers!


Mikeyfletcher, Bolton, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

China should be made to cover the cost of all damage done. A lot of these comments treat this as a joke, but the casualties have the possibility to be very, very bad.


Stephen B., Adelaide, Australia, 4 days ago

And how do you think China can be made to do this Miley?


abrli, Londinium, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

Do you really think a multi-million pound settlement will slow down their space programme?2 51


Scotty Mac, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 4 days ago

Mikeyfletcher, . Did you read tea article. It splashed down in the Pacific many thousands of kilometres from any habitation. So your point is?

你看的是小报么? 这东西掉在了太平洋上,离哪个聚集地都有好几千公里呢。你到底啥意思?

Millymollymandy73, Hants, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

It is said it is being tracked so why can't they target it and shoot it down and destroy it in mid air?


Addus, Stockholm, Sweden, 4 days ago

Uhmmm.. this is reality, not some corny film with Bruce Willis.... If Arnold hadn't been in a coma he might have fixed it though.....


bobh6, Europe, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

Because that would mean even more debris falling to earth from the thing that is sent to target it. The craft will disintegrate naturally as it enters the atmosphere, so no point firing more stuff up there just to 'destroy' it.


Hadenoughofhim56, Poole Dorset, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

Would be good target practice!


Cup, Cake, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

Don?t worry, this is utterly fake news.