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Why are most foreigner's Chinese girlfriends never that pretty in the eyes of Chinese people?

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Jason Dunn, English, Living in China for the time being. Studied the USSR

Answered Feb 2, 2016

I'll just my personal opinion and experience from talking with many Chinese friends over the year i've been living here in Tianjin China.
I've only dated one Chinese girl since I've been living here (My girlfriend now is Ukrainian) and many of my Chinese friends used to asked me 'Why are you dating her?!' 
Like a few answers on here I think foreigners mostly go for good personality who you can have banter with. The girl I dated had small eyes, slightly tanned, looked 'Very chinese' as some foreigners would say... But I liked that because where i'm from in England it's not too common. 
Now i've had many experiences with Chinese and most of the ones that want to look foreign e.g pale skin, long nose, changed eyes bla bla bla, I really couldn't connect with them. The sense of passiveness, shyness, no confidence, (the man should do everything) attitude didn't appeal to me, but hey! Different culture and you've just got to respect that. 

The picture above is the girl that I dated and travelled China with, good personality and was great to talk to. Only my opinion, no one is the same : -)




现在我有很多和中国人打交道的经历,大多数人都想看起来像外国人。苍白的皮肤,长鼻子,变了眼bla bla bla,我真的无法与他们交流。这种被动,害羞,不自信的感觉,(男人应该做任何事)态度对我没有吸引力,但是不同的文化,你必须尊重它。


Carrie Liu, Native Chinese.

Updated Feb 9, 2016

I am going to answer this question by comparing my friend with me. We were roomates in university, during which foreign guys show affection to me mainly, while she was regarded as best looking girl in my calss(i know ranking of this kind is silly..lol)..

Some details of our appearance.


- tan skin in nature, and always try to get tanner by sunbath

- oval shape face 

- Danfeng yan (a slim and a little bit slanted eye type) with double eyelids

- full lips (which was a huge pity in my mom's eye)

- long, straight, black hair

- makeup style: black eyes, red lips

- 163cm, 53kg with curved body shape


- pale skin, pale skin, pale skin (important things need to repeat three times)

- slim, slim face (natural)

- round eyes with double eyelid by surgery(to meet Chinese beauty standard)

- cherry-like mouth

- hair got permed and dyed by following Korean pop-stars style

- makeup style: Korean or Japanese style (key words: nude nude nude)

- 167cm, 45kg with long, thin legs that everyone envies.

Well, i think everyone can tell from description that i am tend to look mature for my age, but my friend is more girly looking. 

So back to the question, why foreigners and Chinese got different ideas about looking. 

For me, the difference shown on appearance is more or less a difference about personality. As an old Chinese saying goes, 面由心生, meaning how u look is deep from how ur heart looks. In some way, personality is the thing representing ur heart. So perhaps, foreigners like girls who are confident and mature individuals, while Chinese guys would prefer girls who could motivate their responsibilities to protect. Thus here goes the variation.








- 163cm, 53kg,体型曲线







- 167cm, 45kg,长而细的腿让人羡慕。





Answered Feb 13, 2016

I'm no social scientist, but I'll try to answer this question from a social science perspective. 
Traditionally, women in China married "out" of their native families. And women subjected to marriages far away were pitied--marrying so far out was an indicator of the bride's lack of agency, her necessary obedience to marriage arrangements, and her subordinate status and vulnerability among her inlaws. Beautiful women, with more marriage options, wouldn't need to settle for a marriage so far away.
Today, marrying a foreigner is marrying WAY "out." So in the eyes of many Chinese, this is a sign that she lacks marriage options, likely because she is not so beautiful.
Of course, this is all in the eyes of the beholder. Today, women are not simply objects of exchange, and women have greater agency in making their own decisions. So just because some Chinese see women who marry foreigners as less pretty doesn't make it true.






Parry Sun

Answered Jan 16, 2017

Appearance wise, “foreigners’ Chinese girlfriends” are the same demographic as “Chinese girl friends”. Some glamourous, some not so much.

Personality wise, in order to maintain a crossculture relationship, both parties usually have above average social skills.

What is sexy is personal. While there could be a bazaar number of people of one culture fascinated by one type of beauty, “foreigner” is a highly diverse group. A man from India and another from Iceland likely have different preferences.

The picture was taken by me in Russia, in a city called “New Siberia”. The writing on the car was Chinese. It says “beauty exists in the eyes of beholder”. It was one of the most interesting moment of the trip because nobody spoke Chinese or cared for it…





Jay Liu, I've been told I'm Chinese...

Answered Jun 7, 2015 · Upvoted by Alex Chen, Born and raised in China; currently a PhD student in University of Liverpool

White guys tend to go for girls that look "very Chinese" as in the Lucy Liu look:

In China this look is... at best "lu ren" tier ("lu ren" means random girl on the street).  There's a lot of Chinese guys who find this look downright ugly (myself included).  The joke is that girls like this don't have to put on makeup to appear in Peking Opera:

Whereas for most Chinese men, the golden standard of beauty is more like this:

Eyes, large and unangled, neutral elipses

Face, almond shaped (Chinese called it "watermelon seed shaped")

Nose, thin and prominant

Needless to say, a lot of white dudes wouldn't mind taking a girl that looks like this out either but in terms of relative preference, the Lucy Liu type tends to be more popular from my understanding.


白人男性倾向于选择那些看起来“非常中国化”的女孩,就像刘玉玲的样子: 在中国,这是……在最佳“路人”层(“路人”是指在街道上平常的女孩)。有很多中国男人觉得这看起来很丑(包括我自己)。笑话是这样的女孩不需要化妆就可以出现在京剧里: 而对于大多数中国男人来说,美丽的黄金标准是这样的: 眼睛,大而有神,干净明亮 面,杏仁状(中国人叫它“瓜子脸”) 鼻子,薄和坚挺 不用说,很多白人也不介意娶一个长得像这样的女孩,但就相对偏好而言,我认为刘玉玲更受欢迎。

Garcia Xu

Answered Jul 17

That’s because, in many Chinese peoples’ eyes, beauties have many similar features.

They think that beautiful girls must have big eyes,smooth and white skin, long legs, and warm smiles.

These photos are of Chinese female stars who are considered to be really beautiful.

Also, when I show some female Hollywood stars to my friends, they also give me their assessments.

Those who they think are really pretty: Emma Waston, Kristen Stewart,Saoirse Ronan, and so on.You can find that they have a lot of similarity.

But others, like Elle Fanning, Emma Stone,and Jennifer Lawrence can not always get good assessments.

Are they not pretty? I just think many Chinese people’ s appreciation of beauty is so singular that they can’t enjoy different forms of beauty.

Don’t mind those who laugh at your Chinese girlfriend’s face. I always think every girl is beautiful.

On a side note, I am a Chinese student who likes English, I would be really grateful if you could correct my grammar mistakes.