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Why does India always try to compete with China in every aspect?

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Aakash Ranga

Answered 13h ago

Its worth competing with China since China has set the bar high with its achievement. As and when India meets the bar it will be a truly remarkable achievement. Ignore the keyboard warriors, there are many Indians who have traveled to China and the Industry leaders in the top business houses have the Indian politicians ears. They have nothing but praise and awe at what China has achieved and are working on getting there.

This is also good for China since it will keep China on its toes to achieve more.



Vipul Verma, Senior Manager Credit at Corporation Bank 公司银行高级信贷经理

Answered 8h ago

I dont think India competes with China in any way. Its a Hype created by Media both Western media and media in the respective countries. Both the Countries are similar in many ways but the diffrences in the culture and political socio economic systems are far greater. Both the Countries hold sway over other in respective fields that coul,d be established from examples as below:

1、Political System: India is Worlds largest Democracy empowering its people viz every commonman with freedom of religion, expression and power of his voting rights. Though this has also resulted in chaos where political parties & leadership have engaged in apeasement policies to win votebank rather than taking hard but right decisions. Though off late the democracy has been maturing where in more and more people have realized that they should vote for better governance and not on lines of castes, religions or other matters. However India is far ahead of China with single party rule and limited freedom of expression to citizens. Everything from media to business is censored by the Govt/Agencies.

2、Education System: India and China both have good education system. However China has moved ahead as it has been focussing on developing worldclass educational institutions. However Indian institutes barring few (IITs, IISc, IIMs etc) have been marred by bueracratic redtapism. Further Govt policy of reservation in admissions rather than merit (to apease votebank) has damaged the Nation more. As far as private institutions are concerned we dont have class institutions like Carnagie Mellon (USA), rather these are commercial degree selling shops being setup to make huge profits. The result is that today bright indian students either go abroad to USA, UK, Australia, New zealand, France, Germany, Singapore, Russia etc or those who couldn’t afford underachieve in comparision to there actual competence. The testimony to this is India’s very low ranking in Human resource development rankings.

3、Infrastructure: This is one sector where China clearly holds the leadership position. the country has built network of world class Airports and ports, Highways and railways. Chinese telecom infrastructure is at par with Western countries. Now compare the Indian scenario and its very poor condition is evident.

4、Industry: China has emerged as World centre for manufacturing, beginning with mass production of small cheap quality items in 1990s it has evolved as manufacturing base for highest quality white goods, hitech electronics and capital goods (industrials, machineries etc). This has resulted in China’s rapid economic growth over last 20 years benefitting its people immensely in employment and better standard of living. Today China has favourable balance of trade with every trading partner accumulating huge foreign cuurency reserves. Now look at Indian scenario, we have such pathetic collective consciousness of the political leaders as well as masses. Whenever any Industrial house plans to setup any large industrial manufacturing plant, immediately farmers start agitation that we will not give our land, all political parties start agitation to show that they are protagonists of people’s cause, media will give coverage and present the whole thing as if its a sin to set up any factory. I think this country deserves to live in its backwardness in your dark ages.

The truth is that India as of this day doesnt stand anywhere near China and lags 20–25 years due to its pathetic socio political system resulting in mismanagement since Independence.






Veerappan Laxman, studied Mechanical Engineering 学习机械工程

Answered 12h ago

Short Answer: You need a target to improve. Also, the PRC tends to target us via political/military/economic or diplomatic games. For eg: the String of Pearls, CPEC, continuous mixed signals in politics, border aggression, etc etc.

Also by your assumption, then the PRC has no right to target the US since they’re much worse than them when compared to the difference between India and the PRC. Yet, they have been doing that since the last century when they were even weaker.

So stop trying to troll people and get on with your life.




Anand Nair, Content Writer (2010-present) 内容编辑(2010年至今)

Answered 14h ago

Because China has a fake economy that is built on credit. Its debt-to-GDP ratio is 300%. The Chinese have been masters in copying and faking everything, And over the decades they also mastered the art of manipulating economic growth.

Its actual economy is only around 40-50% of what it claims to be. In that sense, it is closer to that of Japan, making it ideal for India to compete against.

Pravinchandra G Dhameliya, Project Manager (2015-present) 项目经理(2015年至今)

Answered 12h ago

Yes US is the only competition of China today.

But if you rewind the history just 30 year before It was Russia and China was not even distant 10th.

China was able to scrap its close door policy in 1970 but India has to do it half-heartedly in 1991.

This 20 year of full US support what made China take lead. Statistically if any country can compete with china it is India, Young population, Global reach, continuous growth of 7% or more since 1991 etc. makes India a contender. If world start recognise India as viable alternative besides China India can be it.

Now a days China is taking wrong path. Supporting terrorist state like Pakistan is the only reason enough and sufficient for decline of China. If USA is able to undermine China than India will emerge surely.

In my opinion China has more interest in friendship with India rather than supporting terrorist states.

So if you have any voice in China please stop China from supporting terrorist state Pakistan.








Rumit Singh, works at FICO 在美国个人消费信用评估公司工作

Answered Apr 23, 2017

Both China and India are rising superpowers and it has been commented numerous of times that the current century will be the “century of Asia” because of the rise of the two sleeping giants. 

If one looks at history both were prosperous nations thoroughly involved in global trade at some point of their histories. Both also share a colonial past and huge amount of diversity in their ranks.

There are major differences in the way the leaders of the 2 countries thought about breaking the impoverishment of the two countries and the 2 countries adopted 2 different political systems.

It is nothing but obvious that the two are competing at the regional level to have greater influence. However India has a bigger fish to fry because of burgeoning population and constantly dwindling resources. Also because China adopted a communist approach to govern themselves, they have been able to do the implementation side of the upliftment of the poor masses far more quicker than India which for sure comes up with innovative ideas and schemes but lags behind in terms of implementation.

There are a few minor (sarcastically speaking) issues of border conflict, border dispute, trade imbalance, China not supporting India in NSG/UNSC, continued support to India’s biggest adversary (read Pakistan )etc. All this makes India hawkish and it tries to keep track of what’s going on in India’s neighbour. China is regarded as a hard negotiator always doing calculations in every give and take. It riles up India and it increases its tendency to compare and measure themselves against China.






Viswanath Ajikumar, studied at Saraswati Vidya Mandir Schools 在萨拉瓦蒂?维蒂亚?曼迪尔学校学习

Answered Apr 23, 2017

While the question may make sense when one considers the mindset of the people in general (Indians do find merit in comparing India with China as this is the comparison that makes the most sense today), on a national level, India is not obsessed with China.

Quite to the contrary, we can see that China is going out of their way to frustrate India. China is obsessed with their lesser neighbor because they see the potential in their neighbor to challenge their dominance in the region. And if such a challenger exists next door, how can they ever hope to be a superpower?

You see, the Chinese idea of superpowerdom is based on taking others down, not on their own merit. Admittedly, very few superpowers in history have gone the latter route. The former is easier, if it makes sense.

So China, obsessed with their global image and their economy and their national pride, squabbles like a spoilt child when it comes to India. Though to be fair, they behave that way when they dont get their way on any issue.

P.S.: China = CCP






Arvind Choudhary, Project Coordinator 项目协调员

Answered Dec 8, 2017

Because we deserve to do that!!!!

1. 1.4 billion citizens(ranked 1/2)

2. 1.4 million standing army(rank 2)

3. 2.4 million reserves army(rank 1)

4. 1.3 million volunteer army(rank 1)

5. Nuclear Traid power ( Land, air and sea submarine based Nuclear Weapons).

6. Powerful overseas partners: Russia, Israel

7. USA-Japan-India Trilateral training at Indian Ocean.

8. Geography: Indian were more prepared, closer and experienced in Himalayas than Chinese, who were very far away.

9. Indian Ocean: India had second largest aircraft carrier after USA, 90% of Chinese exports passes through Indian Ocean. India's Andaman and Nicobar Island is gateway to the Malacca Strait. Indian navy will surely blocked Malacca Strait. Then no more export or Made in China.

10. War with India will not hurt India as Indian economy is more domestic and service based. But it will hurt Chinese badly as it is predominately export based economy.












Ritesh Kharwar, studied at University of Lucknow

Answered Dec 3, 2017

Trust me, we don't.. We have very reach cultural heritage and diversity, steady but continuous growth, one of best defence system, competitive R&D, back to back successful space programs and many more. But one is my favourite, we are the largest democracy of the world providing equality and liberty to every citizen of India, the area where China cannot even compete..




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