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Why is China rich and India so poor?

爱问 2018-10-08 15:54:01 印度中国贫富
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Girish Bhat, former IT Design, R&D

Updated Jun 10

Let's get real. What China has achieved since the 1980s has never ever been done by any other country in the world. It is down right silly to twiddle with nationalistic egos and not learn any lessons.

It wasn't like the Chinese ventured into virgin territories and exploited the natural resources and got rich. Neither did they suddenly discover a subterranean ocean of oil. Nor did they colonize half the world and transfer the riches of their colonies.

In fact, they were one of the most disadvantaged of countries. Exploding population, extreme poverty and illiteracy, lack of infrastructure not any different from India.

How did they do it? First of all by being pragmatic. Jettisoning ideologies that did not work. Adapting new thoughts and methods. Planning very carefully and meticulously. Working hard to achieve their goals. They were focussed on the future and not looking back at their past. They didn't indulge in validating themselves from what their ancestors had achieved millenia ago.

Chinese and Indians share a lot of common values. Like respecting parents, obedience, loyalty to family, valuing education, at the same time extremely superstitious, craving for a male child, valuing boys over girls, greed for wealth or looking down on races other than their own. Always comparing themselves with their neighbors and desparately participating in the rat race of keeping up with Jones.

The difference between India and China lies in the mind. In the attitude. Where the two diverge is when it comes to religion. Chinese are materialistic. Indians are big on religion. Even in the realm of religion, Indians and Chinese weren't different for a long time. They were not dogmatic and rigid, they were flexible and opportunistic with respect to gods.

So, how to account for the change? Maybe, I am first one to have glimpsed the difference! I haven't read this line of logic anywhere.

Even though China came under western domination, it was not directly colonized and ruled like India. I dare say, Indians were even more like the Chinese before the coming of Islam in India. Religion was not rigid. You could believe in whatever you wanted. You could pray whenever, if at all you wanted to. Sex and sensuality was not criminalized. Alcohol and intoxicants were not banned. Women were not forced to segregate or veil themselves.

Arrival of Islam had a tremendous impact on North India - both positive and negative. Positive influences brought about many reforms and improvements. The negative impacts will probably take a long time to go. The negative impact was for the North Indian religion to become harder, more dogmatic and muscular - a mirror reflection of Islam. Segregation of women and veiling. Change in attitudes towards sex, alcohol and fashion. A thousand years under Islamic rule made the mind similar to that of the overlord. Islamic sensibilities were appropriated by the North Indian elite.

That wasn't enough. Now, came the British. Their rule virtually erased the last vestiges of self confidence and pride of the natives. Indians, still haven't got out of the Victorian prudishness nor have they entirely abandoned the English of the period.

The key difference is China escaped the damaging exposure to Semitic religions. It is hard to meld eastern and middle-eastern religions. It can only result in the eastern religion becoming more like the Semitic one rather than the other way around. In terms of attitude, there is little difference between Islamic and Hindu fundamentalism.

When it comes to learning lessons one can not overlook the price the Chinese have paid for their progress. That price is huge in terms of blood, lives and human spirit. It would be callous to be indifferent to the loss of tens of millions lives that the present generation may enjoy a good life. There is also no guarantee that the present authoritarian political system will last forever. However luxurious the life in a prison doesn't mean the prisoner is happy.

All said and done, the Chinese are efficient in carrying out humongous projects with great efficiency. All the projects they undertake, they complete in the shortest possible time. Kenyan SGR or Ethiopian (Adisababa-Djibouti) rail link and so on are up and running in a matter of couple years and of world class quality too.













总而言之,中国高效地完成了庞大的工程,而且效率很高。他们承担的所有项目,他们在最短的时间内完成。肯尼亚SGR (SGR)或埃塞俄比亚(adisabba - djibouti)铁路线等在几年内建成并运行,质量也达到世界级水平。

Lessons, lessons and lessons!


Apparently, some Chinese Quorans seem to be missing the point. Far from dissing, I am urging Indians to emulate the Chinese, i.e. to develop a pragmatic and practical attitude and limit religion to a personal level.

Talking about the political system (I am not big on ideologies), communism is dead the world over, including China. I do have a preference for individual freedom and multiparty democracy, while acknowledging that there is isn't any perfect political system.




Sagar Jain, Importer from China to India , www.china2india.in

Answered Feb 27

Lets Refraim the Question in politically correct or diplomatic word “ why china is more Progressive than India by all means”, Yesterday my Freind from India share a Image below

Its Said that The First fellow duped the Nationalised bank for Billions of INR and HAPPILY fly to Usa or God know where , Second poor soul just hack some food and got beaten to death , Now this news just shocked me, How come somebody get death just for food ??? and In Country like India ( Where Annadan is worship of god) , if is this the parameter of Rich and poor then Yes India is much poor than China ,luckily I have been to both Countries and major diffrence Between this both culture is Indian want Eaverything Easy and shortcut way, Money ,fame ,power everything , Oppositly of that Chinese know that there is only hardwork which will lead them to success.

Chinese Innovative Ways to Simplified Life

If you Dig into the history of both the countries then you will find out that chinese were more innovative approach towards life and they inveted the things to make there life less complicated like the things below

Now above is monowheel cart with sail, not for sea but for road to take advantage of wind ,

second picture shows that one person can carry so much weight with help of monocart which will increse the productivity of the person which will make him more efficient than his Indian Counterpart

you see Chinese culture is like that ,They try to get the advanatge of everything available nearby like Jacky chan ( when he fight in movie , he uses all the resources availbale nearby)

This innovation Took the chinese ahead of all the world , you can find so many things in your house of nearby which are innovative yet economical to buy ,

My freind sent me this Images of the product from his desk , You see so many colors with innovation ,yet chip ,this type of innovation brought the prosperity in China .

India is Still dont want to Upgarde or I can say they dont have culture to Upgrade may be social or Political.

Now see the Income parity or In technical terms GDP.

now chinese GDP in 2016 is 11.2 trillion USD whereas Indian GDP 2.264 trillion USD ( ( 2016), PER CAPITA INCOME (PPP) of chinese are 15500 usd, whereas India its 6500 USD

so in technical term India is 6 TIMES poor than China in GDP Term.the main reason behind the Growth of CHINA IS COMMUNIST GOVT. because when single party ruling china from last 68 years they have to provide growth to people otherwise people will do Revolution ( AS CHINA HAS CULTURE OF REVOLUTION ) so govt. has to show success in all matter ,may it be uplifting of life of comman peasent from countryside or Business Environment to the people , If you can observe the amssive growth of the City like Shenzen from last 40 years its not less then miracle

Shenzen in year 1980 and 2017

In that regards Mumbai teh economical capital of India is not change much .

so just to summerise all the above India need s a culture of Growth and not the shortcut for growth.

Long live China and India the great civilisation on the earth


说第一个家伙欺骗国有化银行数十亿INR,快乐地飞到美国或上帝知道,第二个可怜的灵魂攻击一些食物和殴打致死,现在这个消息震惊了我,为什么有人死亡只是为了食物? ? ?在像印度这样的国家(Annadan哪里敬拜上帝的),如果这是富人和穷人的参数,那么是的印度比中国贫穷,幸运的是我去过这两个国家和主要区别这两种文化是印度希望一切简单又快捷的方法,金钱,名誉,权力的一切,永远的中国知道只有勤奋会使他们成功。

























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