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Is Fan Bingbing very popular actress in China? If yes, then how could she just disappear and nobody cares other than her few fans?

爱问 2018-10-12 15:42:56 范冰冰消失粉丝
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Erli Lo, M.S from University of California, Irvine (2011)

Answered Sep 15

People know and care about her tax evasion case, but not where she is. We all know she is somewhere and the whole story will only be revealed after the investigation is done.

Things like these are not going completely transparent, and chances are we won’t hear the whole story. But I assure you that no one holds sympathy for Fan Bingbing, and the reasons are:

We all know that celebrities in China would use their fame and influence as well as political ties to earn filthy money. Not only FanBingbing, but also Zhao wei, a more famous actress has been involved in such scandals. However, Zhao wei faced no accusation at the end, I guess that is because she tactically avoided directly violating the laws. This give the public the opinion that if a celebrity hasn’t done things evil enough the govt would be covering he/she to reduce bad impact to the public, this makes us think what bingbing is involed in must be very big

Another actress,Liu Xiaoqing, who used to be top 1 in China (fan bing bing has never reached top 1 status), had been put in jail for tax evasion and made the most sensational entertainment news that year. So you see, it is not new to Chinese audience. We are pretty cool to see another queen falling down.





————below is what I wrote in the comments and i copied it here because it is very long and is adding information to my answer, also———



Well, I know what you said is common sense. But things are a little different in China. Maybe many western people know Chinese need “faces” - no, that’s not only applicable to individual person, in fact, any thing in China, including the system itself, need to “save face”. Now we know the simple fact:

Fan Bing Bing has been invovled in something really bad¬orious;

She is a very well known actress and is loved by many Chinese people;

So the ugly criminal facts are associated with her used-to-be full of sunshine, positive public image.

This is not only deteriorating Fan Bing Bing’s good image, but also a threat to the whole system’s image - as the govt is trying to encourage pop stars to only show positive images to the public, so it is certainly undesirable to show all bad things underwater.

So what you concerned about is untrue- in fact, by going not transparent is not suppressing Fan Bing Bing’s human rights, in reverse, it is trying to save Fan Bing Bing’s image(as well as the whole system’s image). The less criminal rumors are discussed, the more possibility there would be that one day Fan Bing Bing returns and acts as a normal female celebrity if her cases are resolved (“resolved” means she didn’t directly commit any crimes and confess to help law enforcement department.

About your concerns about her human rights, I just want to say, 150% no need to worry! Based on facts and experiences, if you are a nobody in China, you MIGHT be mistreated by the govt(which is less happening now). But as you may heard on Quora or elsewhere, foreigners or people who are in power in China are much better treated and enjoy super human rights than the ordinary. Fan is a celebrity and right at the top of the human rights pyramid. That is why the public never worried about her safety and rights a little bit.

The last, me and all other people are also concerned about the truth of the whole thing. But we don’t worried so much is that based on experience that there would be a statement in the end. You see, I am not very pro-government, but anyone who is familiar with Chinese govt must know that, it may choose to avoid(hide) some facts, but what it finally choose to state must be 100% proof supported and carefully pondered, including the Tiananmen Square, etc. That is why a statement doesn’t come so quick, not only because the investigation is not finished but also maybe the trade off behind the scene needs more time.










Lo Sam

Answered Sep 16

In the case of Fan Bingbing, who was a successful actress, business women, and runs her own PR firm - “the FBB Studio”. She knows what she is doing. So we should be viewing the lack of news, even to Chinese language investigative reporters, a successful case of Fan’s handling of her own PR crisis. She has many employees and none of them are willing to sell some inside news for a quick buck??? At this day and age, it takes a lot of money to make someone less visible on the Internet. Maybe FBB wants to stay low while her lawyers can handle the case until a conclusion is reached, so that the details are always hidden from public, minimizing damage to her career. That would be the most logical explanation.

You ask, why can’t FBB be muted just like a political dissident? Because her case has nothing to do with politics. Is the Chinese government evil enough to try to execute FBB or have her suicided? I think you are letting your imagination run wild. The only party having motives and means to hide FBB’s news is herself. Her company is doing a good job at it.




Answered Sep 18

Because the Chinese only cared for Fan Bingbing because she gave them a source of pride. Chinese netizens loved using her to say Chinese girls are the most beautiful girls in the world. Now she is a disgrace, they don’t care for her any longer.

Fan Bingbing has just disappeared but is that something surprising in a country where even Quora has just been banned? So why would the Chinese care for Fan Bingbing?

She is very popular but she is just a Chinese! She can be the most beautiful and the most popular Chinese in China and abroad, she still just is a Chinese. She is not above the PRC. Nobody is.

She is convicted of frauds, tax evasions, and the PRC believes she has been a usurer. The Chinese don’t care for her because there are probably millions of the Chinese who have done the same illegal things as her. Nobody wants the PRC to focus on all other Chinese.

Because Fan Bingbing is billionaire and most of the Chinese still are poor. Poor people have no time to cry for what happens to rich people although they are Chinese, too.







Answered Sep 15

It just demonstrated how meaningless that ‘popular’ word is. It’s media hype, a money making tool. When it fails, no one would care and the world moves on.


Chelsea Liu

Answered Sep 15


Nah the crowds are just not allowed to talk about it on social media. Most of the Chinese people believe that she’s in a jail or something. Plus, they're so many different hot topics to gossip every day. Who gives a damn about where the hell she is?




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