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Why don't Indians watch Korean dramas?

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Why don't Indians watch Korean dramas?



Chantheeya, Recent yet Big time Kdrama fan...

Why don't Indians watch Korean dramas?????? Then I guess I'm not an Indian..Just kidding..Coming to answer..


Just because Indians are unaware of Korean dramas..My friend suggested Korean dramas to me..

Korean dramas are like modern fairy tales.."Poor girl gets a handsome prince" types of stories are made into Korean dramas. so, they are liked by women more than men..


?Action dramas are there but they too have romantic story line in them.

?Gender bender dramas..A girl dresses up as a boy , cuts her hair acts like a boy??(In Maboy korean drama, a boy dresses up as a girl..that was hilarious..)

?Our people will say "How can you watch a drama when all their faces looks just the same??" Because I said that too in the beginning..



Biju Athokpam

Hello everyone Indians do watch a lot of K-pop and K-dramas..and if u ask reallly?? Yeah really ..The people in NE part of India do watch a lot of them. . And then the stupid question we get asked when we say this is..."do u understand the language??" Of couse NO dude . Like any other Indian we too do not get their language hence we need English subs...and yeah we do get korean channels in some states of NE ..Arirang and KBS World are the ones I know that we get at our home cable tv.And FYI they come with eng sub. So obviously we watch a lot of dramas, documentaries and any show that interests us.. the first time I remember watching korean drama was in my 6th standard..that would be hmmmm like...14 years ago from now.. so my classmates and others I know did watch a lot them. And then few years later from then I noticed DVDs coming into the market. .wow thank god we need not wait for the shows to come on TV. So in a nutshell almost 90 percent of the youth in NE part of India do watch and are aware of k dramas and other shows..Another obvious sign is the fashion fad that has immense effect on the viewers(esp youth)...so I hope this makes whoever thought Indians don't watch kpop or k drama aware that we do watch a lot of them. Ok if I ve to mention some of my fav dramas that we used to watch in our childhood then that would be Diary of Sisters, Women of the Sun, Nonstop , Autumn in my Heart, full house, and the list goes on.....but here again I would like to mention one thing..Nowadays there r a lot and lot and lot of new dramas where the actors r not upto the mark or not that attractive so I personally do not watch them..and after having moved out from home for career purpose and settling away frm NE it becomes difficult to get access to Korean dramas as here we do not get korean channels or DVDs are not available ( if available too , not too very easy access) ... that is when the great Youtube becomes your best friend. After a long gap, I recently got back to this kdrama madness and I ve been getting sleepless nights bcoz of these.. I will suggest whoever is reading this to please please please watch "Doctors" . You will fall in love with it guys! Warning- make sure u don't get addicted to it and end up staying awake whole night. . One last thing I want to mention is that I really appreciate that almost all dramas have max 20 episodes and that's the best part ..it has an ending unlike our saas bahu serials which seems to never have an ending.. sorry guys this is just a small comparison. . BUBYE All the best!!!!


大家好,每个印度人都会听很多韩国音乐,看很多韩剧.如果你问:哇,真的吗?是的,的确是真的.印度东北部的人们确实看了很多这些东西.这时我们就会被问到一个愚蠢的问题 “你懂这门语言吗?”不,兄弟。就像其他印度人一样,我们也听不懂他们的语言,所以我们需要英语字幕.是的,在一些地方我们会有韩语频道。 如果有英文字幕的话我们家里的有线电视上会看到阿里郎和KBS。所以理所当然的,我们看了很多电视剧、纪录片和任何自己感兴趣的节目。我记得第一次看韩剧是在我上6年级的时候,好像是嗯……14年前.我的同学和认识的其他人确实经常看他们。几年后我注意到这类DVD开始在市场上出现。哇,谢天谢地,我们不用在电视机前苦等了。所以简单地说,在印度东北部,几乎90%的年轻人都看过韩剧和其他节目.另一个明显的标志是对观众(尤其是年轻人)有巨大影响的时尚潮流.所以我希望这使那些认为印度人不看韩剧或韩国音乐的人明白我们确实看了很多。好吧,如果我提到我童年时常看的一些戏剧,那就是“修女日记”,“太阳的女人”,“男生女生向前走”“蓝色生死恋”。 ”浪漫满屋”,名单还可以更长……,但是我想再提一件事。现在有很多新剧,演员们没有达到标准,或者说不那么有吸引力,所以我个人是不看的。由于职业原因而搬家,并定居下来后,我很难接触到韩剧,因为在这里我们没有韩语频道,也没有DVD(就算有也很难找到相应的字幕).这时伟大的YouTube成为了我最好的朋友。在经过很长一段时间后,我最近又疯狂陷入了韩剧的世界,因为这些都让我睡不着觉。我建议读这篇文章的人请看“医生”。伙计们,你们会爱上它的!确保你不会沉迷于它,并最终保持一整晚的清醒。。我想说的最后一件事是,我真的很感激几乎所有的韩剧都最多只有20集,这是我觉得最棒的部分,不像我们的SaaS bhu系列剧,它似乎永不结尾。对不起,伙计们,这只是一个小小的对比……祝你一切顺利!


Your claim “Indians don’t watch Korean Dramas” is not true at all. Over these years, I have communicated with numerous Indians who are KDrama fans. Here are some of the reasons why Indians like me are fascinated by KDramas.


KDramas are mostly 16–24 episodes and last less than 4 months.

You can easily watch/download KDramas with English subtitles from sites like kissasian, Ondramanice, ViewAsian to name a few.

KDramas are mostly targeted on young audience.


I have many friends belonging the Indian Entertainment Industry. I am also the Business Manager of an Indian Actress. I have a?YouTube Channel based on Indian Entertainment Industry. For the sake of friends and to gather content for my Channel, I tried watching some dramas on sites like Voot and Ozee. I stopped watching the Dramas after a few episodes because I could not tolerate even a single one of them. I am sure that there are many Indians out there who like Korean Dramas much more than Indian Dramas.

我有很多印度娱乐业的朋友。我也是一位印度女演员的商业经理。我有一个基于印度娱乐业的水管频道。因为朋友的缘故,为了为我的频道收集足够的内容,我试着在像Voot和Ozee这样的网站上看一些电视剧。。几集之后,我就停止了这愚蠢的举动,因为我连他们当中的一部都忍受不了。 。我敢肯定,有很多印度人相对于印度剧更喜欢韩剧。

Surbhi Kumari

Answered Apr 12

There are many k drama fans in India but the problem is that many is still a minority, Kdrama is like an escape from the reality. There are many reasons why Indians don’t watch Kdrama. Ask a random person about Korea and the reply will be either they don’t know or it would be North Korea. Another experiment I have tried many times, show a picture of any Korean actor preferably a guy. The greater chances are that you will receive an answer like oh chinese or he looks feminine. While answering the question one thing to be noted that in the category of Indians we are again making a class that is of older and younger generation. Older generation will surely prefer something related to culture like a shy girl or someone empowered yet the perfect wife material. Can you imagine your parents watching Secret Romance’s steamy kisses by the kiss maestro :p. For them drama’s are about something we watch together. Ever wondered why shows are touching 1000 episode but still the leads are trying to kiss. Then dubbed videos don’t give the feel and subtitles won’t let you enjoy the whole stuff as you are multi tasking.


Sanhita Bhattacharya, Content Writer (2018-present)

Answered Mar 29

Well, I'm a big time K-drama addict. It will be wrong to comment that Indians don't like or watch K-drama. Take me as an example…it just took me a single drama to fall in love with Korean wave stars and their appeal.


My first watched drama was ‘The legend of the blue sea'. I became of fan of Jun Ji Hyun after watching that. She is a great actress. Frankly speaking, if Indian people don't watch K-drama, that's for only one cause. Korean actors are insanely pretty, and some of the guys are even more 'beautiful' than the girls. They're simply jealous, or I think so. I fell in love with Lee Jong Suk watching 'W-two worlds' and later on moved towards Jee Chang Wook….and I've literally begged my friends and boyfriend to watch ‘The K2'. And as usually he is rejecting my request uncountable times. The reason is that he finds the guys too girly. God help him, he hasn't seen the sun-kissed, tanned, extremely-hot-to-ignore body of Jee Chang Wook and his too adorable smile. And I'm sure once he starts watching, he won't be able to stop. (It's a pity that he's a guy. 


I've watched many Hollywood TV series. And I'm a big time fan of Ian Somerhalder from ‘The Vampire Diaries'. I am a fan of him, but I'll still say that I fnd korean guys more appealing than him.



Tinker Bell, I love Korean dramas and kpop also an Otaku at the same time

Answered Jan 10, 2017

Okay I don't know if you know this but KBS channel was once upon a time there on the Indian television (ik since I used to watch return of superman but wasn't a korean drama addict back then) but since much people dint watch it back then it was removed.

好吧,我不知道你是否知道,但是KBS频道曾经在印度电视台播出过(我以前看过超人归来,但当时不是韩剧迷)。 但由于没什么人看,所以就被移除了。

K-drama is mainly targeted on younger audiences and not the elderly, Indian elderly prefer watch series like saas-bahu kinda ones were it's mostly Indian situation also the language barrier.


And among youngsters K-drama and K-POP is really famous. Ik alot of people who watch K-drama by downloading it and passing it on in bangalore and goa. And I believe it's a similar situation in rest of the country. U0001f497U0001f495


Vaibhava K

Answered Sep 18, 2017

Of course Indians do watch K-Dramas, but the numbers could be very less in number compared to other fanning countries like Philippines and other asian countries . The reason could be that not many of us know where to exactly find the resources. Or maybe some find it really weird? The reason is left to one’s own choice.


In case you are hardcore Korean Drama lover and don’t know where to watch Kdramas, there’s one app that I came across is?VIU?that lets you watch K-Dramas the same day as Korea, and it works great in India. The dramas are very curated, and most of the dramas are readily available with the English subtitles.


There are loads and loads of online websites that lets you watch Korean Dramas and has a thousands of Dramas and Movie collections. eg: Kissasian, BoxAsian etc.

也有大量让你看韩剧的在线网站,收藏有成千上万的电视剧和电影。例如:Kiss asia,BoxAsia等。


Answered Jun 25, 2017

I guess,since a lot of English shows are being aired. India is still a television-centric nation,I feel .


People are slowing moving towards streaming and watching shows online,however still English shows dominate Indian teenager's shows preference.

Another reason may be the lack of awareness about how interesting Korean dramas are.


That being said,the number of Indians watching Korean shows is on the rise and I hope it increases as everyone deserves the happiness which comes from watching Korean dramas in their life ! :p


I'm incredibly sorry for the late reply :(


Answered May 10, 2017

Firstly, because they don't have much exposure to K-dramas. Secondly, they are either too busy watching Indian soaps which revolve around the routine saas-bahu dramas or they are too immersed in watching English shows. Not to be harsh, but majority of them are like frogs in a well who think that there are no other forms of entertainment other than the ones mentioned above. Even if someone suggests them to watch K-dramas, they are so reluctant and prejudiced to change, especially Indian guys, that they refuse to watch them, without even trying.


But, nowadays many people are being exposed to K-dramas and are beginning to accept them. K-dramas are so addictive that once we start watching them, we want to watch as they are lot more entertaining

.但是,现在许多人正在接触韩国电视剧并开始接受它们。韩剧是如此令人上瘾,一旦我们开始看它们,就会想看的更多,因为它们更有娱乐性。 .


Answered Sep 19, 2015

Korean dramas are becoming popular in India especially among girls. But there are many reasons people don't watch them-

People are simply not aware and are not interested in watching them.

The K soaps which are popular here target a limited group of teenagers and youngsters including some middle aged ladies as exception.

Cliché. I watched a few episodes of boys over flowers and boy, they are cliché. Straight out of wattpad novels or maybe it's the other way around.

Language. It is easier to watch tv series in english as you don't have to focus strictly on subtitles. I didn't watch a dubbed version.. I guess they are not widely available.

I also found lack of originality and good humor content.

Feminine boys. This is strictly my opinion and some of my friends'. No eye candy for us. No offense please.. though I agree that was offensive.

Weird names to indian ears. Whole asian culture thing. Some people just haven't reached that stage yet so as to gush about k soaps.

The obvious accessibility problem. They aren't televised in India which eliminates a major portion of audience and affects their( K drama's )marketability.

I think they make a good pastime when you have nothing to do or are shamelessly procrastinating.













Rose Bayley

Answered Jul 29, 2017

1.Lack of awareness about how amazing & addicting kdramas are.

2. Language barrier: I was one of those people who hesitated watching when I first got to know about a kdrama that was highly recommended because I felt I won’t be able to enjoy it if I don’t understand the language and I don’t like dubbed versions of shows.Completely kills the feels.Wasn’t sure whether subs would make it enjoyable.

3. Similar looking actors- Initially when you haven’t watched kdrama,all the actors look alike and its difficult to distinguish them and even their names are hard to grasp(I still find their names hard to remember :D).But I guess once you start watching,that won’t be the case.Also speaking from a girl’s pov,the actors don’t seem that attractive at one glance and who doesn’t appreciate good looks in actors,right? Judgmental and not in good taste but true.Even i didn’t find them attractive initially.It’s a different thing that I go crazy after their cuteness & hotness these days (Jee Chan Wook.Gong Yoo,Kai etc :D)



Answered Sep 19, 2015

i think i might be the only one here to say this, but, tbh korean dramas and kpop are literally unknown in India. If anybody here did watch 'Fluttering India' in which Korea's top entertainers visited India, nobody recognized them on the streets of Mumbai (India's financial capital and home to its entertainment industry) and at public places there as well, save for one fan at a Starbucks cafe. I was the only one in my class to watch them while in school and university. My friends and acquaintances also find little to no interest in them and remain curious as to why I watch them. I guess cultural preferences matter? and, this may sound silly but it's true, so do concepts of beauty.

Shivangi Tripathi

Answered Aug 30

The question is wrong in itself, Indians do watch kdramas and listen to kpop, its just, we are having lack to acceptance. Koreans have different cultural standards which here in India are not considered much. same with Koreans when it comes to India. Racism exits everywhere in many forms. In India we consider that part of entertainment really soft and girlish, or can say, some sort of another dimentional fairy tale which is so impracticle. But hey, if something refreshing you or bringing your stress level down or making you feel good…..then you should just go for it and if not then just drop it down, no need to criticize.

这个问题本身就不对,印度人确实看了韩剧,听韩国流行音乐,这是无可辩驳的,我们只是缺乏接受罢了。韩国人有其不同的文化标准,而在印度却没有考虑到这些。这点同样适用于韩国人刚来印度时的情况。种族主义以多种形式到处存在。在印度,我们认为这部分(韩国)娱乐真的很温柔,很女性化,或者可以说是另一个维度里上演的现代通话。 但是,嘿,如果有什么东西能让你精神振奋、神清气爽或者让你的压力降低、感觉良好,….那么你应该去试着尝试一下,如果不想,那就果断放弃。没必要去批判。

well, i am a fan of both Adramas and Kdramas, actually many more, I don’t really care from where it is coming, the thing matters is content, i believe in story line and acting, and yes face matters too…but come on guys Koreans are not that bad looking, you kidding me? btw nowadays i am watching a Turkish series and its fun. bye.


The kpop groups should come and perform in India like they do in other countries, coz there are so many fans here too :) I guess the popularity isn’t as much as the other countries because most of us don’t download from iTunes, and most of us don’t have the time to send rice wreaths like other fans do! :(

I hope that, one day, Kpop and Kdrama will be popular in India and our Indian songs and movies will be as popular in Korea :) I’ve spoken to few Korean people through a language learning app, and they said they really like 3 idiots. ;)

I started watching only in 2015 but i’ve watched over 50 dramas:)