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What personal habits of western people are most disgusting to Chinese?

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[–]IrvingWashington2322 39 指標 18小時前 

Not exactly habits but things my ex always had a go at me for were going to bed before showering (rather than just having a shower in the morning) eating fruit with the skin still on (like grapes and apples) and not washing underwear separately from my other clothes.


[–]MDMA-zingGreat Britain 14 指標 18小時前 

Oh man I’ve had so many debates with my partner about washing underwear with other clothes... he can’t fathom I didn’t care about that in our communal washers at university!

And to add onto that chucking your sneakers in the washer (with nothing else) seems completely insane to Chinese people.


[–]proletariatnumber23 18 指標 17小時前 

Seems insane to me too! Haha won’t that ruin them?


[–]aghicantthinkofaname 6 指標 14小時前 

I‘d be worried about the glue melting


[–]PM_me-your_bicycle 2 指標 16小時前 

Go commando. Boom problem solved ;)

不穿内裤出门, 砰,问题解决;)(网友是指这样就不用洗内裤,不用将内衣与其他衣物分开洗了)

[–]ssnistfajenCanada 8 指標 6小時前 

The one about fruit peels was most out of concern for residual pesticides (and China’s lax regulation regarding pesticides on produce). I peel most fruits before eating while in China as well despite not doing the same in Canada.


[–]derrickcopeUnited States 7 指標 15小時前 

Yes my wife is big on the separating underwear and socks. I don‘t get it. I take a shower at night if I have playing ball or whatever but take one in the morning for sure. Half the idiots in the elevator don’t even bother to comb their hair before work much less shower.


[–]irresistiblebadidea 2 指標 14小時前 

Did not know about the skin on grapes and washing undies separately.


[–]pssssssssssstUnited States 2 指標 8小時前 

Going to bed without showering first is disgusting. /sorrybutjustsaying


[–]Bonzwazzle 33 指標 15小時前 

sleeping with wet hair. my ex was crazy about it ‘ah you’ll get a headache!‘ ’but i‘ve been doing this for like 20 years’

any problem that comes up: ‘hmm i wonder why my body is doing this...’ ‘it’s because you sleep with wet hair!‘


[–]BobLoblawATX 17 指標 14小時前 

Whenever I get sick it’s because all my drinks have ice in them.


[–]mreguy81 6 指標 14小時前 

You met my wife I see...


[–]mthmchris 3 指標 12小時前 

Sure the reasoning behind it is silly but seriously... you go to bed with wet hair? You don‘t dry it isn’t that uncomfortable?


[–]Bonzwazzle 3 指標 11小時前 

i give it a dry a once over with a towel my hair will still drip water (i have long hair) and it feels really good. it regulates body temperature and just helps me sleep. if i dont have wet hair it takes longer for me to sleep. also i wake up with a nice hairdo... until frizz hits me


[–]PM_me_Henrika 1 指標 2小時前 

I think the reason sleeping with wet hair is giving you headaches is because you‘ve been tugging on your scalp all night from the extra friction of wet hair.

My SO braids her hair to one side before sleep---no headache.


[–]nvkylebrown 1 指標 4小時前 

At least your fan didn’t kill you.


People everywhere have odd superstitions.



[–]GZHotwater 28 指標 13小時前 

Oh come on you lot! No one has mentioned the worst thing you can possibly do...



[–]AdorabroUnited States 1 指標 2小時前 


Blasphemy. How dare you?


[–]chinamainlander 13 指標 12小時前 

My wife’s favorite thing to hate on is the AC. Every issue is because the AC. “Our son has a fever”...”Because he slept with the AC on!” One person sneezes one time “Turn the AC off!”

And we live in Guangzhou so AC is pretty necessary for half the year


[–]TheMediumPanda 10 指標 14小時前 

Commenting on dangerous behaviour seen in traffic. My wife always tells me to pipe down if some mianbaoche comes speeding out of a side street without looking. Chinese people are remarkably cool about that I‘ve gotta admit. There are 3 decent drivers I know my wife my brother-in-law and a friend and they never say or react to anything while driving no matter how stupid or dangerous. Maybe that’s better for the blood pressure.


[–]kmillionare 3 指標 10小時前 

Man I need that power. I have to force myself to pull over and do breathing exercise here when I drive my bike because I get such intense rage from that shit. I did see a kid get runover by mini bus one time in Changsha so maybe that contributes to it.


[–]faceroll_itUnited States 19 指標 14小時前 

Wearing shoes in the house.


[–]yxing 7 指標 11小時前 

A million times this. Jesus. I‘m not about the slipper life but you take off your fucking shoes at the door.


[–]BigLebowskiBot 1 指標 11小時前 

You said it man.


[–]disasterhole 3 指標 12小時前 

Who wears shoes in the house?


[–]faceroll_itUnited States 8 指標 11小時前 



[–]ssnistfajenCanada 2 指標 6小時前 

It’s really just a (regional) American thing which appears more popular than it really is thanks to American movies & TV.


[–]MDMA-zingGreat Britain 3 指標 6小時前 



[–]BrandeX 2 指標 11小時前 



[–]disasterhole 1 指標 4小時前 

Yanks who like having dogshit on their floors


[–]MDMA-zingGreat Britain 1 指標 6小時前 

Brits think that‘s gross too.


[–]smasbut 7 指標 11小時前 

My girlfriend hassles me non-stop if I don’t wash my feet before going to bed.


[–]ShenzhenMuscleDaddy 32 指標 17小時前 



[–]BillyBattsShinebox 16 指標 16小時前 

vomits with state approval


[–]shinadoll 17 指標 16小時前 

Eating food with hands. At home if I go to McDonald’s I unwrap my burger and actually touch it hold it and eat it. Here it’s ensconced in its wrapper and unwrapped and eaten bit by bit.


[–]BillyBattsShinebox 9 指標 14小時前* 

Somebody downvoted you and I don‘t know why. I’ve been to pizza places here that give plastic gloves so you don‘t have to touch the slices with your hands.


[–]Procc 4 指標 14小時前 

Pizza I definitely wouldn’t bother but i‘ve eaten some messy burgers where the glove came in handy


[–]TheMediumPanda 2 指標 14小時前 

That glove thing is pretty common.


[–]BillyBattsShinebox 1 指標 14小時前 

Yeah haven’t eaten at that many pizza places in China to be honest so I didn‘t wanna say that it’s everywhere


[–]kmillionare 4 指標 10小時前 

Finger licking is the western equivalent of hacking up fish bones onto the table. It makes since that its seen as disgusting in China though. Even hospitals don‘t have soap in the bathrooms.


[–]disasterhole 1 指標 4 小時前 

Finger licking is fucking gross anywhere


[–]WhereTheHotWaterAt 4 指標 12 小時前 

Very true even for sandwich they will grab a napkin to hold it. Touching food is something they don’t really do

I took the habit it‘s not a bad one I feel like


[–]BillyBattsShinebox 8 指標 17 小時前 

Most people here seem to find blowing your nose into a tissue and putting it back into your pocket to be disgusting. As long as it’s folded up and the snot isn‘t touching your pocket I don’t really see the problem but I always try to sneak tissue back into my pocket now.


Throwing underwear into the washing machine with other clothes too but that‘s already been mentioned.


[–]mrfrosty2016Great Britain 17 指標 17 小時前 

To be fair BBS if people are shitting pissing and spitting on the streets here I honestly DGAF what they consider disgusting. I always carry tissues everywhere just for those (frequent) occasions when I need to blow my nose.


[–]mthmchris 9 指標 15 小時前 

I love how you say “people” like it’s everyone. Literally ask almost any group of people here what they think of people spitting on the street and they‘ll wax poetic about how it’s rude.


[–]Wellneed_ships 6 指標 13 小時前 

Nah mate. It‘s always someone else til it’s you but really it‘s always you.


[–]BillyBattsShinebox 2 指標 16小時前 

Even people who don’t go around doing that kind of stuff (e.g. university students) find it to be pretty bad though.


[–]BrandeX 8 指標 11小時前 

You could retitle this thread “What annoying superstitions or other bad habits of Chinese people bother you?”

...and you would get the exact same responses we already have now in the thread.

如果你能把帖子名换成“中国人有什么恼人的迷信或坏习惯困扰着你?”... 你能得到目前在和这个帖子里完全相似的回复。


[–]BillyBattsShinebox 2 指標 4小時前 

Yeah half the answers aren‘t even talking about things Chinese people find disgusting


[–]inthefreezr 4 指標 10小時前 

When my son was a newborn and we were in Beijing people would constantly scold us for not putting socks on the kid......in the middle of summer.


[–]sygedeUnited States 11 指標 14小時前* 

You need to take off your fucking shoes in my house. My house = Asian rules.

I was mind blowed when I visited my white friend’s house for the first time and he be like what you doing taking off your shoes? For the record it was a rare rainy day in LA.



[–]bigbosslaowaiBest Korea 1 指標 3小時前 

If you got carpet then yea take the shoes off. Wander around in socks.


[–]HopfroggUnited States 2 指標 6小時前 

Picking teeth without covering the mouth. I guess they kind of view it how we view them picking noses.

Whistling. Found out that many Chinese find the whistling to music that many westerners do is very annoying to them.


[–]BillyBattsShinebox 1 指標 4小時前 

The whistling thing is surprising considering how impervious to annoying noises Chinese people seem to be otherwise


[–]ivancurtis 2 指標 3小時前 

Eating cheese or rare meat.


[–]Gatewaytoheaven 6 指標 17小時前 

Put your feet with shoes on on the table. Shoes are dirty and you shouldn‘t wear them inside to begin with.


[–]HotNaturedUnited States 5 指標 16小時前 

Yeah the shoes! It’s not like I wear my running-around-everywhere shoes inside the house but I‘ll rock my walk-the-dog/chill-in-the-backyard loafers around the house no problem. Here they’re way more into 100% separation between outside and inside footwear.


[–]whatkindof88 3 指標 14小時前 

Christ almighty I see Chinese people putting their filthy shoes on everything out in Shanghai.


[–]MitchellHolmgren 2 指標 7小時前 

The way how some Americans talk about women.


[–]mrfrosty2016Great Britain 1 指標 17小時前 

Here‘s one that I’ve thought about although it‘s probably not “disgusting”. With laowai (men) having stubble or facial hair is normal but hardly any local men have stubble. What’s up with that?

Personally I DGAF and just rock the stubble in the workplace regardless.

我想到一个,尽管可能不是“恶心的”。常看到有些老外(男性)留着胡茬或胡子,但几乎都看不到中国本地男人有留胡茬,这是怎么一回事?就我个人而言,我才不管他娘的,我就是要在工作场所里留着乱糟糟的胡茬。(注:DGAF=Don‘t give a fxxk)

[–]BlueHym 5 指標 13小時前 

Depends on region/country but some reasons given to me is mostly about appearance. People with facial hair are usually those of homeless or poor (unkempt and dirty) so it’s bad to have it or else others might think you‘re poor and dirty. There are also superstitions that having facial hair while your parents are still alive brings bad luck to your folks.

Which is why you almost never see local men with facial hairs. Tradition and superstition run strong in Asian culture.


[–]BrandeX 3 指標 11小時前 

I don’t know what the other guy is saying about superstition but Any facial hair of significance is genetically very rare in east Asians.


[–]reallyfasteddie 2 指標 13小時前 

Small town in China and I get this all the time. You look so old. You look so ugly. But now the girls who bug me for pics are now trying to kiss me.


[–]hapigood 3 指標 14小時前 

Have you not noticed that people from different places in the world have different amounts of facial hair (not due to shaving or not)?


[–]BillyBattsShinebox 1 指標 16小時前 

Good one. I just think they think it looks scruffy rather than disgusting. Same thing does also apply to the west to a lesser extent depending on the job/quality of facial hair.


[–]emustif 1 指標 2小時前 

Sitting on the bed with your outside trousers like jeans and facial hair.


[–]narsfweasels 1 指標 14小時前 

Washing your hands both AFTER using the bathroom instead of BEFORE. What a waste of time my friends!


[–]Sycronax 1 指標 2小時前 

Being a chemist I place greater emphasis on washing my hands before I touch my weaner.